Nutritious Snack Policy

Nutritious Snack Policy 

Due to a late 5th grade lunch, we will allow students to have a nutritious snack at 11:00.  Students should have a snack that is nutritious, can be consumed in less than 10 minutes, and that does not cause undo distractions for learning.  

Recommended Snacks Include:

Goldfish Crackers

Graham Crackers

Fruit Snacks

100 Calorie Snack Packs

Cheese Crackers

Dry Cereal (low in sugar)


Rice Cakes

Toasted or Baked Snacks

Cereal Bars

Granola Bars



Yogurt (disposable spoons only) 

*Please avoid sending products containing peanut butter or peanuts due to several students’ allergies to those ingredients. 

Water bottles will NOT be allowed in the classroom this year; however an effort will be made to allow students to get a drink from the water fountain. Please understand that it is not always an appropriate time to allow students to leave the classroom for a drink of water, so please keep that in mind when sending certain snacks. 

Please make every effort to send snacks in disposable containers.  This will limit distractions to learning.