Classroom Community

We are a Classroom Community 

The first week of school will be used to establish our Classroom Community and our community norms.  We will be sending home a Community Agreement for students to review with you and returned to his/her teacher signed. 

·        A Classroom Community is based on the input of the students.  Meetings will be held weekly or bimonthly to discuss celebrations and redirections.  Special meetings will be called as needed.  Each meeting will involve all students in the class.   

·        The goal of a Classroom Community is to invoke ownership by the students, ensure accountability with the students, and to establish fairness and justice from the students. 

·        Classroom Community meetings are facilitated by the teacher, but students led.  The students will decide the norms for the meetings, the classroom, out of class activities, as well as consequences for breaking the norms.  The teacher has the final approval on all decisions made in the community meetings. 

·        We believe that much disciplinary action can be avoided by allowing the students a voice in their educational environment.  However, should a student continually disregard procedures set for community meetings, the classroom, or out of class activities; disciplinary actions will be taking at the discretion of the teacher and administration. 

* The Classroom Community standards will apply to ALL 5th graders, in ALL areas of the school (classrooms, specials, media center, hallway, restrooms, playground, gym, cafeteria, computer lab, school grounds, etc).