In support of the belief that school is your student’s job, he/she will be required to secure and maintain employment throughout the entire school year.

·        A list of job opportunities will be posted in the classroom the first week of school.  Students will be given the chance to apply for the jobs of his/her choosing.  He/She will list their top 5 job choices, interview for the jobs, and be hired for one of the jobs on their list. 

·        Jobs will be assessed a salary based on the extent of the job duties as well as the time commitment required.

·        Students will receive an outline of their job requirements, but will also be expected to use their own knowledge to perform duties that arise within the scope of their job assignments.

·        Employment will be reviewed and reassigned in 9 week intervals.

·        Students not performing their job duties as subject to fines, job transfers, or terminations.

·        The salary and other income earned by each student may be used to purchase coupons, weekly privileges, and buy items at the Community Store.  

Classroom Change 

Students will change classes before recess/lunch.  Students should take all of their belongings in addition to any books/materials needed for homework.  Backpacks will travel with students in order to help students move successfully from class to class.  Students will NOT be allowed to return to the other classroom during class time in an effort to reduce distractions to learning. 

Take Home Folders are sent home on Mondays. The folders will include graded assignments, important dates, school wide events and information, classroom newsletters, parent/teacher communication, missing assignment lists, and progress reports periodically.

*Folders are to be signed and returned by Tuesday