All Assignments should contain the proper heading. 

(top left corner of paper)                                      (top right corner of paper)

Student # (circled)                                                First and Last name

Homeroom teacher                                               Date  

                                                                            Assignment Title               

                                                                            AM or PM class 

All work should be turned in COMPLETED and ON TIME.

*Students not properly completing homework assignments or in class assignments by there due dates will forfeit their recess and to attend Soaring to Success until the assignments are completed properly. 

Soaring to Success is held in a designated room during recess.  Students will attend Soaring to Success for their ENTIRE recess, even if they finish their work before recess ends.  Students should bring a book to read when they have finished their work. 

Late work will be assessed at a reduced score.      

One day late = 10 points off    

Two days late = 20 points off      

Thereafter, NO assignments will be accepted. 

Make-up work in the case of an absence is the student’s responsibility to ask for BEFORE or AFTER school upon their return.  They should copy another student’s agenda from the day(s) they missed.

  • 2 days immediately following the student’s return are given per 1 day of absence to complete and turn in make-up work.   

Agendas are given to each student at the beginning of the school year.  Students are responsible for copying daily agendas from the board in ALL of their classes.  They should also update their agenda throughout class time.  All homework assignments should be indicated with a circled HW next to the assignment title. 

 *Students are to take their agendas home daily to be reviewed and signed by their parents/guardians.