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Play is an important part of your child's "job", now more than ever. Activities will be updated each week to support participation in fine motor tasks along with a variety play opportunties.

Week of 6/22/20:

Movement: Let's Play Outside Checklist

Multisensory Writing: Play-doh letter creations

Writing: Spacing between words- Ocean theme


Week of 6/15/20:

Movement: I-Spy Movement Breaks

Multisensory Writing: Rainbow Salt Writing

Writing: Summer Boxed Words


Week of 6/8/20:

Movement: Melting video- Go Noodle

Multisensory writing: How to Make a Sensory Bag

Writing: Summer Words- ABC order


Week of 6/1/20:

Play starters


Week of 5/26/20:

Movement: Brain Breaks

Fine Motor Fun: Q-tip painting ,  Copy the Spring Design


Week of 5/18/20:

Movement:  Gross motor fun

Fine motor warm-up: Color by direction

Multisensory writing: Writing with chalk

Writing: COVID-19 Time capsule- choose one page to complete

                                              Fun ways to play this week:     










Bear walk

Hole punch craft

Sand play (draw shapes, letters, numbers)

Jump rope

Draw on a vertical surface

Log roll in the grass

Leap frog

Tear pictures from magazines to make a collage

Trace shadows with sidewalk chalk

Push ups


Sink or float challenge with toys in water/bathtub      


Balloon volleyball

Pop bubblewrap

Make homemade play-doh   

                                 Red= Gross Motor     Blue= Fine Motor     Green- Sensory




Week of 5/11/20:

Movement:  Tables & Donkey kicks

Fine motor warm-up: Hand & Finger exercises

Multisensory writing: Writing in Shaving Cream

Writing: Spring boxed words

                                              Fun ways to play this week:     










Rabbit Jump

Build with Legos

Shaving cream play (draw shapes, letters, numbers)

Jumping Jacks

Squeeze and roll play-doh

Spin in both directions 3 times

Crab Walk

Tear paper for crafts

Slow stretch with yoga poses

Bike or Scooter ride

Fold paper airplanes

Massage lotion on hands/arms       


Frog Jump

Pop/pinch bubbles

Cartwheels and/or somersaults     

                                 Red= Gross Motor     Blue= Fine Motor     Green- Sensory


Week of 5/4/20:

Movement:  Bilateral coordination exercises

Fine motor warm-up: Hand exercises

Multisensory writing: Write on a "squishy" bag

Writing: Spring Cryptograms

                                            Fun ways to play this week:









Balloon toss

String dried pasta to make “jewelry”

Eat a crunchy snack

Tug of war

Water play with spray bottles

Wash toys in soapy water

Simon says

Q-tip painting

Build a fort

Animal walks

Color with short/broken crayons

Drink applesauce or yogurt through a straw

Pick a video from GoNoodle

Leaf rubbing art

Make slime

                                Red= Gross Motor     Blue= Fine Motor     Green- Sensory


Week of 4/27/20:

Movement: Core strengthening

Fine motor warm-up: Pencil twirls

Multisensory writing: Writing in Salt

Writing: Rainy Day writing prompt

                                                    Fun ways to play this week: 









Army crawl

Peel stickers

Make a sensory bin out of beans, rice, or water


Trace hands/feet and draw faces

Drink a milkshake through a long straw

Jumping Jacks

Draw on a window with dry erase marker

Slow stretch with yoga poses

Superman pose

Roll play-doh into “Spaghetti and meatballs”

Jump into a large pile of pillows

Make an obstacle course with toys/furniture

Flick cotton balls at a target


                                 Red= Gross Motor     Blue= Fine Motor     Green- Sensory


Week of 4/20/20:

Movement: Animal Walks  (Benefits of Animal Walks)

Fine motor warm-up: Pencil Playground

Multisensory writing: Writing in Play-doh


Week of 4/13/20:

Practice with positional terms

Pencil pathways

Yoga positions


Week of 4/6/20:

Exercise activities

DanceMat Typing Games