Committees and Descriptions

Committee Descriptions

Sets- Responsible for constructing and painting sets. Backdrops are best done on large sheets of fabric/canvas for painting. They will be hung from the fly space onstage. Other set pieces can be taken on and off stage.

Costumes- Responsible for fitting children for proper sizing, clothing, accessories, some sewing. Many costumes have been purchased/borrowed. We need to take inventory on these items and determine what else is needed. Students will provide their own tights, socks, etc.

Props- Involves creating small props needed by characters and scenery. This involves painting, construction, gluing, etc. This show is heavy on props so proper organization by scene is needed.

Backstage- We need adults responsible for small groups of children, helping them to enter on time. Other adults needed to help bring on set pieces, props. Others needed for changing out mics for performers. These volunteers should also be present at the final rehearsals to familiarize with their responsibilities and work with the children.

Photographer- Responsible for taking pictures during some rehearsals, especially final dress rehearsal, and performances. This includes candid and formal shots. Perhaps a slide show can be created to play before the show begins. A final cast shot to be given to the cast is also needed.

T-Shirt Design- Designing the cast t-shirt, with name of show, dates, and cast list, as well as a logo/picture of some sort.

Marketing- Responsible for finding ways to advertise our production. Students will make posters to put around school. Find ways in the community to get the word out. Also involves perhaps finding some local sponsors for materials.

Makeup- Responsible for helping students with makeup on performance nights.

Greenroom- Working backstage in the dressing room and green room areas to supervise students who are not currently performing, ensuring quiet and safety.

House Manager/Office- This would involve ticket sales at the door in the box office, ushering, house management.

Souvenirs- Finding items for our cast to keep as souvenirs as well as items we might provide for purchase at the door (t-shirts, flowers, etc.)

Program- This will mostly be handled by Mrs. Alvarez and Mrs. Marsh, but help is needed in creating an insert with cast pictures, as well as business card advertisements. It could also advise program distribution on show nights (ushering)

Refreshments- Providing small snacks and drinks on show nights and perhaps for long rehearsals for our cast.

Clean-up/Strike- Taking down the set and leaving Ida Baker as if no one was never there! As much help is needed on the final night. It must happen after final performance, that night.