Through a caring and secure environment, the middle school program ensures that all students experience challenge and success. The curriculum is based upon the developmental needs of the young adolescent and our mission to create student success with the following GOALS:

  • Mastering skills based on state mandated frameworks within an interdisciplinary context.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive self-image.
  • Taking on new roles and responsibilities socially, personally, and academically.
  • Exploring a variety of extracurricular activities.
  • Developing an awareness of individual differences and respect for others.
  • Participating as a responsible member in the community.

The key to the success of this program is a flexible and creative staff that enthusiastically chooses to work with students at this age level.  ODYSSEY MIDDLE SCHOOL BELIEVES:

  • The middle school should be student-centered
  • All students can learn and should be given the opportunities to do so
  • Each member of the school must take ownership of his or her performance and actions.
  • Continuous planning, evaluation and change are necessary for improvement.
  • The administration's main role is to create an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.

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Odyssey Middle School also aligns in organization and structure with the National Middle School Association's ideas for an exemplary middle school: