Odyssey Middle School prides itself on using various forms of assessment to ensure that every student will have a chance to succeed. It also provides for a more holistic evaluation of the students. We implement 3 categories of assessment. Within each of those there is a multitude of ways to assess the students learning. Listed below are the 3 categories of assessment used with examples.


Formative assessment is conducted throughout the lesson to ensure learning of the content. Types of Formative assessment include but is not limited to: Bell Work, Anecdotal Notation (Teacher Notes), Homework, Ticket Out the Door, and Quizzes.


Summative assessment is conducted primarily at the end of chapters or units.  This kind of assessment checks for detailed content knowledge.Types of Summative assessment included but is not limited to: Chapter Tests, Semester Tests, and Standardized Tests.


Authentic assessment is crucial for students in today's world. It allows them to apply the knowledge they have gained  through real world experiences. This type of assessment is conducted periodically throughout the year. Types of Authentic assessment include but are not limited to: Service Learning Projects, Showcasing a Portfolio. There are a plethora of ways to authentically assess students and each teacher has their own way of implementing this type of assessment in their classroom.