Qualities required for teachers in a true middle school

Odyssey Middle School teachers are lifelong learners, and committed to guiding students to a high level of achievement in both academic and societal goals.  Our teachers are resourceful, creative, caring and they understand the importance of reflective practice.  They are effective communicators with all stakeholders including student, parents, peers, administrators, and the community.  Our teachers understand the unique qualities of young adolescent development and are prepared to meet their learning needs through multiple teacher strategies for the variable learning modalities.  They are visionaries who seek to develop the potential in every student.

Personal Traits and Teacher Competencies of Odyssey Middle School

  • Communication is a priority for our teachers at Odyssey Middle School.
  • Maintain a climate that will contribute to the learning process through their personality and attitude.
  • Monitor good time managing habits and value the importance.
  • Recognize the value of fairness.
  • Have strong content knowledge of their core subject.
  • Committed to excellence.
  • Have a high degree of organizational skills.
  • Are leaders and mentors, students respect and look up to them.
  • Recognizes each student as an individual, and respects and celebrates their differences.
  • Have a high degree of self-efficacy.
  • Establishes a safe learning environment.
  • Works closely with families to form partnerships to help young adolescents be successful at school.
  • Utilizes a wide variety of instructional strategies.
  • Utilizes a wide variety of resources to improve learning.
  • Have strong and current technology skills.
  • Practice effective classroom management.
  • Believe that all students can learn.
  • Are reflective in their practice.

Education of Odyssey Middle School Teachers

Odyssey Middle School prides itself in hiring highly qualified teachers who are highly regarded in their field.  Moreover, our teachers are strongly encouraged to further their education.

  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Middle-level licensure
  • Many are National Board Certified.
  • Many continue their education and earn a Master’s degree
  • Participate in professional development seminars to advance their teaching skills and knowledge of curriculum, assessment, and instruction, which enable teachers to become highly qualified.


Our teachers at Odyssey Middle School are dedicated to educating young adolescents and recognize that the students of this age are undergoing greater physiological, psychological, emotional, and social changes than any other period in their lives.  They work together as a team with all members of the learning community, they believe that every student can learn, and succeed.  Teachers are reflective in their practice and strive to become the very best.   

 Staff Directory and Contact

Faculty and Staff Directory

Yocum, LoisPrincipal
Baxter,KristenGuidance Counselor
Caster, JessicaAdministrative Assistant
Clark, DustinLibrary Media Specialist
Durant, EmilyCurriculum Coach
Dwyer, KellyNurse
Hundson, JosieSpeech Therapist
                               Grade 5
Huffstetler, BillyMath
Hurst, WhitleyScience
Klomfas, JordanEnglish/Reading
Moore, JonathanLanguage Arts/Social Studies
                              Grade 6
Pankley, JordanMath
Riordan, NaomaScience
Rogers, StacyEnglish/Reading
Ruiz, RoxanneLanguage Arts/Social Studies
                  Exploritory Programs/Fine Arts
Salsbury, AndreaMusic/Band
Testerman, KeshiaChorus
Williams, KaylaPhysical Ed./Health

Adapted from: Jackson, A.W., & Davis, G.A. (2000). Turning points 2000: Educating adolescents in the 21st century. New York, NY: Teacehrs College Press