Prospective Students and Parents

S.A.I.N.T. Academy

The Sandalwood Academy of Information Technology (S.A.IN.T.) is an outstanding new program for Sandalwood High School students in grades 9-12 who want to enhance their high school career with a “real world experience.”   The unique program allows students to receive a jump start on their education and careers. Through industry certification, project based learning, and paid internships combined with rigorous academic studies; this academy prepares students for a future in the technology industry as well as higher education. Both tracks provided by the academy, Information Technology and Geospatial Technology, offer college credit and industry standard certifications.

Omega 9G Team

 Along with state of the art technology in each classroom, the 9th grade teachers in Omega house have created their own team to assist your student with the transition into high school. The team of core teachers in English, Math, Science and Social Studies see to it that the students are provided with a “safety shield” to assure that every single student experiences success and no one falls between the cracks. Each student is assigned a primary mentor to facilitate the learning process. Students have found that having one teacher they can go to if they need extra help in classes or assistance with a personal or behavioral issue to be very useful, as each mentor goes above and beyond to ensure achievement inside and outside of the classroom. A strategic focus is placed on academics, preparation for standardized testing and establishing the “team mentality”; we all work together for one common goal. After school tutoring is available to the 9G students four days a week along with FCAT Frenzy, Intensive remediation in all core subjects and weekly mentor meetings with each student.

21st Century Classrooms

Each classroom is outfitted with state of the art equipment such as interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, document cameras and Quizdom Student Response Systems. This integration supports the learning process across all subject areas by guiding, and extending the thinking processes of students. When used as a tool to help students analyze, compare, contrast, or evaluate resources, technology can assist in increasing a students’ intellectual capacity. This heightened capacity helps students think more critically as they manipulate information; skills essential in the working world.