How to Add Custom Discord Emojis to A Server?


Custom Discord emojis are very popular on the platform and are considered to be one of the coolest features of the application and that is why there are many people who are interested in knowing how to make emojis on discord so that they can also use the emojis in their messages as well as in the name of the server to be cooler on the platform. 

Here on the application, you will get to know the instructions that will help you in making emoji discord whenever you want. 

How can you use Emojis on Discord?

It is not very difficult to use emojis on Discord as there are some shortcodes that people can use when they want to add emojis and if you are interested in getting to know how to add emojis to discord then, carefully read the next part of the guide to do the same on your device. 

There is a basic code that you need to use when you want to add discord emojis and you need to remember this code. You just need to type :emojiname: whenever you want to add the emoji in any message or the name of your channel. 

You need to use the colon mark and then, enclose the name of the emoji in between the colon marks to add the emojis. For example, if you want the logo of Instagram as the emoji then, just type :insta: to add the emoji in your text. 

You can also use our guide when you want to know how to turn off auto emoji on discord once you have enabled the same.