How to Fix the Tap to Load Problem on Snapchat? (2022)


Are you facing any issue with login into Snapchat then this is the article for you so that you can solve the problem so that they load it in no time. So, without any issues let's look at the ways by which we can solve the problem of Snapchat so that they can fix it and get the answer to how to fix Snapchat?


Methods to Fix the Snapchat Loading issues And Problems – 

1. Trying the Reboot Method to fix it 
You can try rebooting the phone so that Snapchat loads properly and the users do not face problems with the same. Now the users can try these steps as this is an essential step and this does not even take much time but 2 to 3 minutes and it could be best if you can try this first instead of some other things for loading Snapchat. 

2. Turning off Snapchat Optimization 
The users can try to turn off the optimization of Snapchat and then they can go for Snapchat not loading snaps. And for this, they need to go to the settings and then they can click on apps and then click on Snapchat and then followed by battery optimization and then select and then don’t optimize to fix this. 

3. Turning off the Data Saver 
Snapchat stories, not loading might be because of the Data saver which might be turned on then they can turn off the data so that the problem is fixed and then they can go to the settings option of connection, and then they can go to data saver and then turn it off. 

4. Cleaning App Cache Data 
Tap to load Snapchat could not be fixed when the users are clearing cache data so that they can fix the problem which they are dealing with. 


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