Why is My Discord Avatar Blurry?

There are many instances where you may have observed that the Discord Profile picture that you have set is blurry and that is why it is very common to question why is my discord avatar blurry.

Your Discord PFP is the first thing that people notice about your account and that is why it is important to make sure that your avatar is not blurry so that other people can see it and understand you. Here in the blog, you will get to know the reason why your PFP is blurry and what you can do to fix the same. 

The Reason Why your Discord Avatar is Blurry

Discord pfp blurry makes your account look very bad and that is why you should know why your PFP is blurry. The main reason for this issue can be the use of the discord mobile application to upload the avatar. 

If you have uploaded your profile picture with the help of the Discord mobile application then, there is a high chance that the picture will be blurry due to glitches and bugs. 

How Can you Fix Blurry Discord PFP?

You can use both your computer and your mobile phone to fix a blurry discord pfp and the process is not very difficult. 

You just need to open your account on the device and then, open the settings from the profile page. You need to tap on the option that says ‘User Profile’ and after that, you will get the option to change the Avatar of your account without any issues. Make sure that the image that you select after using the Change Aviator option should be high resolution so that it does not get blurred. 

Ensure that you are saving all the changes that you made as it is important to save the new profile picture. 


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