Are Academic Essay Writing Services Legal?

Understanding the Business of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a serious offense amongst academic institutions and professional writers, but online paper writing services are gaining customers by the second.

Cheating has always been an inevitable product of the academic process. Within the larger scheme of their academic lives, many students view routine school assignments as insignificant footsteps on the path to a career. Unfortunately for today’s educators, the vast resources available on the Internet have further enabled students to obtain the grades they desire through dishonest means.

Moving beyond the old days when students paid a fellow classmate to write the best quality essay, the convenience of the Internet has spawned a multitude of online essay writing services. While submitting plagiarized work is openly frowned upon in both academic and professional settings, the sale and purchase of pre-written content has become more common and acceptable amongst students.

Is Plagiarism a Crime?

Plagiarism is one of the most widespread and evasive practices affecting academic communities. Unfortunately for educators, plagiarism takes many forms, from the blatant to the inconspicuous, and some students are always searching out new ways to beat the system. Utilizing professional paper writing services allows customers to remove the guesswork and the difficulty out of obtaining academic essays to submit as their own work.

Within a school environment, handing in work purchased through a custom essay service would be entirely unacceptable and a student caught plagiarizing would face some form of discipline. Yet, there is no federal legislation that specifically prohibits acts of plagiarism. In the professional arena, writers can be held accountable if they are accused of breaching copyright laws by stealing “intellectual property.” However, writers staffed by essay services release the written material into the ownership of the buyer, and therefore, students are at liberty to purchase these materials freely.

Should Custom Essay Providers be Held Accountable?

Despite the reality that most custom essay buyers are using their purchases to commit acts of plagiarism, the fact that students have an equal opportunity to put such resources to honest uses means that online paper distributors can claim ignorance. Many essay writing services advertise their products as writing guides that can be used to steer students in the right direction when composing their own essays. Especially in cases of foreign language speakers, a writing guide is a helpful tool to better one’s understanding of English grammar and composition.

There are many obvious flaws in the reasoning that custom essays are being used as learning resources, particularly when considered alongside the costly prices and the free materials available directly through the academic institution. Students are held to a code of ethics and run the risk of committing academic fraud, but online companies are not subject to or concerned with the ethical standards surrounding plagiarism. As is to be expected, the rules of business and entrepreneurship made acceptable by a laissez faire society overrule a sense of moral judgment.

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The Endless Plagiarism Debate

The buying and selling of academic essay assignments (the main request "write my essay please") is not likely to cease in the near future. Students often feel pressured to meet the demands of academic life and maintain a reputation for quality work, while also feeling strained by time limitations and other aspects of their personal lives. On the other side of the industry, writing for essay services is one of the ways that professional freelancers can draw in steady income. In both cases, the matter of “right” and “wrong” is left to the individual, as the government steers clear of academia’s battle against plagiarism.