Exploring Literature Final Project

Well, we've finished our textbooks with a couple of weeks left in the semester.  Yay us!  Wait, don't get too excited . . . . I've got one more trick up my sleeve and it's this final project.  Even though I've put this assignment online, I can still hear your groans of frustration just like I would if I passed this out on paper.  You didn't realize your device has a microphone that links directly to mine, did you?  Yep.  Teachers know everything wink

In our last unit, Poetry, we learned about the different types of poetry and poetic devices.  You read poems with a wide variety of styles and messages.  You had opportunities to write your own poetry and have it reviewed by your peers.  Oh yeah, and you also watched the movie Dead Poet's Society, which I secretly think was your favorite part of the whole unit.

Your final assignment will allow you to take the creative reigns and ride free.  I'm not placing any limits on how you complete this assignment.  Stop.  Read that again (not the Stop part, the sentence before that).  That's right.  As long as you fulfill the assignment requirements, I could care less if your assignment involves paste, macaroni noodles, and poster paint.  Or a high budget Hollywood film.  (If making a movie, please cast Dwayne Johnson and request a rider that I am on set while he is filming.  My future 80-year old self will thank you very much for the memories while living in the nursing home.)

Have a piqued your curiosity?  Are you ready to see what I've got in store for you?    

Choose at least four (4) students from the Dead Poet's Society (DPS).  If you've already forgotten their names, they're all listed in the DPS packet given to you several weeks ago.  Imagine that they're all high school seniors and make a yearbook page(s) for each student.  Each senior's yearbook page(s) must have:

  1. Photo with first and last name
  2. Student's nickname
  3. Clubs or Sports in which they participate
  4. Activities/hobbies
  5. Class award(s) such as "Most Likely to  . . . ." or "Best . . . . ." 
  6. A quote that shows something about the person and what is important to him/her.  (FYI:  My senior quote was "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.  None but ourselves can free our minds." ) 
  7. Plans for their life after high school.
  8. Their favorite poem and why.  You actually have to include their favorite poem, not just give the title & author.










*While I would love to take full credit for this amazing project, I must admit that I was inspired by an article from the National Council fo Teachers of English.