Owl About Reading



Instruction with RAZ Kids

I will be using RAZ Kids to work with my students on their reading skills.  RAZ Kids has some great features to keep me connected to their progress:

  •  I will give individual assignments for each student based on their reading levels and interests.
  • I will send daily messages to the students that they can read when they log in. 
  • They can record their reading for me to listen to.
  • I can monitor the progress of their assessmnets.


Logging in through CLEVER

All students have a RAZ Kid account with their classroom teacher. I have my own account for my students.

  • If they log in through CLEVER they can go the class roster page that shows their classroom teacher and click the blue button Change Teacher
  • Put my username amoranc 
  • Now they should be able to find their name and the password for all is the apple icon- this is a new password for the students !


Logging in without CLEVER

  • Go to kidsa-z.com and log in with my user name amoranc, find their name and click the apple icon
  • you could also get the app for your phone Kids A-Z App


Once you're in...My Assignments and Messages

  • Students need to go the My Assignments hub.  That is where they will see the assignments I gave them.  The idea is that with each book they have three jobs to complete. To listen to the book ( headphone icon) read the book (book icon) and answer questions ( question mark icon). Checkmarks will appear when they have finished it and they earn stars for each job.
  • Messages for the students can be checked on the home page that has the My Assignment hub. I will send a written or recorded message to my students frequently.Right below My Assignments is a dashboard. The first one is an icon of a message bubble. If it's flashing, they have a message to read.