PBIS at PS231K


The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) committee at PS231K seeks to improve the positive interactions between its students through structured behavior management programs in both the school and school bus environments.  We have designed programs for each environment that target behaviors that we have seen need improvement.

 The PBIS mantra is “be ready, be responsible, be respectful, be safe and be here.”  This mantra reflects the behaviors that we would like our students to demonstrate. “Be here” means that students are expected to come to school every day;  “be ready” means that once students are in school, they need to be prepared for their lessons with whatever materials their teachers require;  “be responsible” means that students must take an active role in their lives and make responsible choices whether that means taking responsibility for their part in a conflict or pushing their chairs in before leaving the classroom; we expect students to “be respectful” to each other, their and others’ belongings, and to the staff members of our school; and we expect our students to make “safe” decisions in the classroom, on the stairs, in the cafeteria and on the school bus.