Welcome and Introduction to Peniel Bible School of Ministry Basic Computer Course


Welcome to our class!

     Let me start off by saying that I certainly DO NOT know everything on the subject of "computers". I am learning just like all of you. But I am willing to share what I do know and help all of us learn more as we go along. This is truly a journey for us all!
     As intimidated as we all are by the computer, the most important lesson one can learn as a beginner is that computers are NOT scary devices. There's nothing they can do to hurt you, and there's not much you can do to hurt them either.
     However, it's not unusual for someone to feel a bit nervous about sitting down in front of a computer monitor and keyboard if they feel inadequate. Knowledge is power!
     As foreign as computers may seem to you at first, they really aren't that hard to understand or to use. That's where this course of study comes in.
     It is my hope that the knowledge you gain over the next few weeks will give you power to effectively navigate one of your worse nightmares...the COMPUTER!
     Some of the basic concepts I hope to cover include:
  1. Understanding Desktop PC's
  2. Introduction to and Use of Windows XP and other versions of Windows software
  3. Working with Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office
  4. Letters, Memos, and More: Working with Microsoft Word
  5. Saving Documents/Disks and other Devices
  6. Working with Files/Folders
  7. PowerPoint Projects
  8. Connecting to the Internet
  9. Surfing the Web with Internet Explorer
10. Searching the Web (People, Places, References, Events, etc
11.Social Networking
12. Creating your own Basic Webpage
13. Setting up an Email Account & Sending and Receiving Email
14. Instant Messaging
15. Performing Routine Maintenance
16. Dealing with Common Problems/Basic Troubleshooting
17. Online Nuisances: Protecting Your Computer from Viruses, Spyware/Malware, Pop up's & Spam
18. Protecting your Family with Filters
19. And hopefully we will be able to address some of your personal problems with the computer that are not mentioned above.
NOTE: This is just a tentative schedule...NOT a CONCRETE one...it is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.
     I have tried to come up with a schedule of topics that I feel all Peniel students would find most needful, but if I become aware of a greater need I will do my best to work it in...even at the expense of losing a lesser needed topic.
     I have included some interesting and informative articles (I refer to them as HANDOUTS) on this site for your benefit. It is very important that you read these handouts...in fact you may even be asked to refer to one to complete an assignment.
     Okay, so there it is, the overview. The "basics" of our 'Basics" course. I have created this website to be a resource and support for you. You will need to access this site every week during our study to participate in interactive web lessons, review assignments, read handouts, get tips and helpful hints, receive reminders of class announcements, etc. It will also be a great way for you to communicate with me. In fact, one of the ONGOING assignments you will all have is to check in HERE once every week and let me know you've been here by signing the guestbook provided below. I will be checking for your "signatures" and looking forward to your comments.
With all that said, Lord bless you as we journey together to a greater depth of Computer Literacy.  
You may contact me via email at the following address: pbsomcc@yahoo.com
I created this email address especially for use with this class.