Ongoing Class Assignments



Beginning NOW and continuing throughout this will be required to access this website and read required information, receive class assignments, access links to interactive computer lessons, etc. Once every week, you will be required to send me an email at the address provided at the bottom of the Welcome and Introduction homepage. In this email I want you to tell me briefly how you made use of this website and whether or not you completed the weekly work I assigned. Also let me know how you're doing with the ongoing assignment #2 project listed below. Include any questions or concerns you may have. Checking in with me once every week is part of your ongoing assignment and I will be expecting to receive your email.

Beginning NOW and continuing until ONE week before this semester will complete the following ONGOING assignment :

1) You are going to surf the web in search of 100 sites that fit the categories below. 

Locate 60 wesbites that fall into these categories:

10 = christian (ministers, authors, educators, media, etc)

10 = news (local and world news sites should be included)   

5  = search engines   

5 = research (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.)

5 = general educational sites
5 = health related
5 = shopping (books, clothes, music, cars, groceries, etc)
5 = children's interests sites
10 = technology (computer/multimedia) news
Then locate 40 websites of your own choosing. These are completely up to you but should be decent, tasteful sites.

Copy the address of the website from the address line of the web browser and paste it into a Word document (see "Procedure" below).

How to search if you are not sure?  

Go to a search engine like Google or use the one on Yahoo and type in the category. 

Procedure:  Copy the web address of the site you have...paste it into a Word document...briefly describe what the site is (for instance, if it's CNN, "news" is all the explanation needed).