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My development as a professional educator...


  • CSTP Assessment

After my first CSTP assessment, I decided to focus on how to use students' interest to engage all learners in P.E.. In order to do this I needed to get myself very aquainted each grade level standards; looking for similaries and differences in each progressive grade level so I knew the skills the students had already acquired, what they needed to learn this year, and where they are expected to perform next year. After the sequential order was created, I focused hard on making each and every lesson both skill based and game like.  Knowing students would in interested in all competition, I had to also keep them motivated to perform the skill corrrectly, instead of focusing on the end result.  This turned out to be a huge strength of mine, as I was able to continue to build on each skill into more conplex movements.  Even tapping into previous lessons, I was able to show the students how one movement transfers into another across multiple different spectrums.

  • Professional Goal

As I continue on my teaching journey, I have two professional goals in mind: to maintain learning by keeping up to date with new trends, equipment, and teaching strategies; and to continue to work towards being the vision of fitness by demonstrating the healthy lifestyle I am teaching my students.

  • How to stay connected as a professional

This year I became an offical member of the CAHPERD alliance team, which is a professional community for physical education, dance, health, and recreation teachers.  Along with collaborating with other physical education teachers, I am looking forward to taking advantage of this new professional outlet.

  • How to sustain enegy as a teacher

Every professional must find an outlet, because no matter how much passion one has for their job, everyone deserves a break from their professional duties.  It is imprtant for me to not lose sight of this as I continue to move forward in my career.

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  • Quote from admin

"Suzy has created an exceptional PE program at our school. Under her leadership, students are engaged in physical fitness activities that are fully aligned to the PE standards. She is organized, dependable, and brings a great deal of professionalism to everything she does. Suzy is a self starter who is not afraid to face new challenges, she is eager to learn new things, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She is one of those teachers who volunteers for everything, and is always interested in broadening her experiences.

Not only has Suzy done a great job of implementing an incredible program, but she has also taught students the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, because of her ability to be a great eduator every student LOVES P.E.!"     -Kathleen Rittikaidachar, Principal at Palms Elementary


  • Advice for new teachers

To any new teacher entering the wonderful world of education: These will be both the best and also the most stressful days of your life.  Remember that you are your students' hero.  They idolize you and they are always waching you.  Love your kids when they need it, and take a deep breath when you feel like you can't breathe anymore.  You will always question whether youre doing something right, and thats a good thing. Be humble, be kind, and teach on.

To any new PE teacher: We may not fit in the typical teacher box, but all students deserve the same skill based education as a classroom education.  There are a ton of correlations between being physically active and doing well in the classroom.  Do not forget your worth.  Be an ambassador for your field and make your work known. Work hard, keep those kids engaged and happy. You have the best job in the world.

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