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P.E. Resources

I had so much success using these technology tools in my program.  They are excellent resourcces and I highly recommend them.


(GoNoodle pic)

This year was my first year using GoNoodle, and I had so much student success! There are different categories to choose from, which is helpful when you are looking for a specific atmosphere during special times like recess versus P.E.  (Comparing P.E., we hoping for something with a little more of a vigorous activity (ie: Fresh start fitness REALLY breaks a sweat!) while at recess we're looking for something silly or just videos playing in the background while the kids play with puzzles, blocks, etc. (ie: Indoor Recess has a variety of continuous videos))

  1. *suggestion for PE* I always start with something silly like Blazer Fresh or KooKooKangaroo.  Then I switch to dancing with Maximo or Kids Bop before moving into Fresh Start Fitness.  Then I move back down into Flow (its like breathing and stretching) and other class favorites for the remainder of the time.
  2. As the class completes 10 activities the class champion will transform and grow. (The kids LOVE this!)
  3. When your class champion is all grown up, you will be given a new champion to help grow.


(PE Central Pic)

P.E. Central is a website I've used for a few years now.  The website has a colletion of lesson ideas written by actual teachers.  Teachers uploard their lessons for the cimmunity to share, which has incredibly helpful in trying to create my own lessons.  All lessons are sorted into grade levels, activity type, and even equpment so that you can search the database for something specific or general. 



The California Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance website is also vital in finding lesson ideas, linking up with other educators, as well as keeping up to date within the physical education community.  Among the advocy topics, membership inforation, and awards announcements, the website also features conference dates, news articles, and even physical education bylaws.  I have found this site to be very helpful and informative as a professional in this quickly changing community.

Get 2 Months for $5!