PHS Economics Class

Teacher: Michael Burkhardt

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Studies, Activities and Projects

This section will discuss what material the students are currently learning in the classroom.  What concepts and theories we are learning and how they pertain to everyday and/or current events.   It will also mention the activities and projects we are doing to reinforce their learning experience. 

    • Homework for Week of April 2, 2012
      • Written Assignments:
      • Reading assignments:
  •       Activity Updates:  

Dear Parents

The section will be a note to parents, letting them know the following:

  • Teaching/learning strategies
  • Special projects
  • Subject matter they can discuss with their children
  • Test taking skills

Critical Thinking

In this section I will outline a decision making scenario and encourage them to discuss with their child/family.  I will end the scenario with questions that will help spark a conversation.  

Parent Ideas

A request for a parent to share an experience or question that we can discuss in class.  I will have an ongoing invitation for parents to come and talk about their career/business. 

Business Competition Update

My plan is to divide the class into equal groups and have each group run their own simulated business. The business competition will run the entire school year with new variables added as we learn new material. The businesses will be of the same industry and will compete with each other over their target market share, sales revenue, profit and how well they stayed on track with their business objective.