PICpatch Labels - Tamper Evident, Non-Residue Security Labels for Phone Cameras and Other Applications

Trusted by more than thousands of major corporations across the world, PICpatch, LLC supplies tamper-evident, non-residue security labels to governmental agencies, smaller companies, business owners, and individuals. High-quality security labels can be used for so many different applications. The team is fully equipped and has years of experience under their belt to meet any of your digital imaging security needs. Since its inception in 2007, PICpatch, LLC provides privacy solutions and digital imaging security to help clients combat the increasing risk presented by camera phones. They offer serialized, non-residue, and tamper-evident security labels that provide an ideal solution for clients looking to protect exposure in diverse settings. Even partially removing the edges of the label will produce a visual indicator to help the security team identify any tamper or intrusion. Besides the smartphone security labels, they also make Verified Clean Seals/Labels for hotels, motels, and car rental agencies. They can be affixed to a door to indicate that rooms and cars are well-sanitized and safe to use by customers. Their unique “WEBpatch” Label is meant for home use to protect children as well as adults from unwanted intruders using the camera on their laptops and peering into home or bedroom. The labels are affixed to a Computer or Laptop lens to prevent spying in your house. Do you want to see how they work, their sizes, and materials? Contact them today to receive an assortment of samples. With a plethora of shapes, sizes, and purposes, PICpatch security labels are fast becoming a cheap and popular security solution. Protect your property and enjoy your peace of mind!