Parkway Middle Team 706

TEAM 706 (2009 – 2010)
“One team, One school, One family”

August 26, 2009

Dear Parent,

Classes are in session! The teachers of Team 706 would like to welcome you this 2009-2010 School year. We are here to make this year both educational and enjoyable.

Open House will be held on 9/17/2009 at 6:00 p.m.

To register to become a volunteer – online application at

Team 706 Team of Teachers Contact Information:
       Ms. Wallace (Math/Team Leader)

      Ms. Decastro (Reading)

      Ms. Duncan (Social Studies)

      Ms. Brown (Language Arts)

      Ms. Stephen (Science)

Grading Policy:
A       90-100
B+     87-89
B        80-86
C+     77-79
C        70-76
D+     60-66
D        60-69
F         59-0
Homework Policy :
All assignments will be recorded by the student in the Student Daily Planner.

Your child will receive a planner in the upcoming weeks to ensure organization and communication. Please sign this planner daily when your child receives it.

Parents, please help us in making sure your child is organized and prepared for each class.

Thank you for your support!

Team 706