Notes to Students

Notes to Students:

Here is a summary of what we discussed in class. Share this with your parents so they know what is going on too. 

Class Superstars are always welcome in our class! Every week one student will be awarded as Class Superstar. To be eligible you must exhibit model behavior both inside and outside the classroom, complete all your homework on time, and must always work to your full potential.

Field Trips: We will be going on 4 trips this year. One to the library (no cost), one to see a play, Charlotte's Web (no cost), and 2 that I will plan.

Friday Folder will go home on Friday with tests to sign and flyers and/or notes from the teacher. Please keep the papers on the right side of the folder home and return the tests (if there are any) on the left side of the folder signed by the following Monday (or next school day)

Reading log is due every Friday.

Homework is very important to reinforce skills learned in class! If it's not completed, you will do it during recess and P.I.E. (Physical Interactive Education)

Projects: We will be doing many at home projects this year. Students will have at least 3 weeks to complete each project. Information will be forthcoming.

Class Procedures: We learned how to enter the classroom, how to ask for help, how to turn in work, what is expected of us, etc.

Class Rules, Consequences, and Rewards: We learned how to behave in the classroom and what will happen if we do not follow the rules. We also learned how easy it is it follow the rules and be rewarded for doing so.