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Science Fair

Science Fair Guidelines and Tips

  1. Select at least 3 topics related to the Medical/Health field (e.g. Anatomy & Physiology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences, Physical Therapy, Pharmacology, Genetics etc.)
  2. Follow the instructions provided on the MAST @ Homestead Science Fair guideline website and Handout.
  3. See Miami Dade County School’s website for additional science fair information
  4. Be prepared to submit your 3 topics complete with a hypothesis and problem statement for each of the 3 topics the first week of school. We suggest you choose three topics of study in case one of your choices is not approved by your teacher.
  5. The earlier you start planning, the better. Time management and preparedness is 50% of the work!
  6. Helpful websites to get ideas:


Science Fair Project Timeline

Title of Assignment                                                                                         Deadline

Choose Topic (Title, hypothesis & Problem)                                          First week of school

10-15 Sources each with summarization on Note cards                                  TBA

Experimental Design (Variable, materials & Procedures)                              TBA

Collect Data/ Analysis                                                                                             TBA

*Project due Date (Presentation)                                                     November (TBA)

In school judging                                                                                            November (TBA)

Over the summer, choose 3 science fair topics which are due the first week of school for approval. Science fair projects are a major project grade during the 1st and 2nd nine weeks.

All students are required to participate in this project. A rubric and will be distributed to you during the first week of school. It is important for you remain aware of due dates as no late work will be accepted.

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