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Bloggers Contract

Blogger’s Contract
Acknowledging that blogging is a legitimate and authentic form of journalistic publication, student and teacher bloggers must adhere to essential principles of ethics.  The free exchange and publication of information can help people in important ways.  At the same time information can also harm people either intentionally or unintentionally.
Being a responsible participant in the great online conversation, I pledge that I will use information to:
q       Honestly and joyously express the truth, and that if challenged, I will be able to prove that what I write or say is true,
q       Always treat all people with respect.  I will never use information to cause harm or appear to cause harm to any person or group of people, and
q       Respect and protect information tools and that I will neither do any harm to a computer system, network, software, or other person’s information; nor will I allow others to do harm to a computer system, network, software, or other person’s information.
q       I will always be accountable for the information that I produce and publish, willing and able to defend my information or acknowledge when I have made a mistake and fix it.
  Mr. Shipley

STUDENT                            TEACHER

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