Ceramics I - Syllabus

Ceramics I – Syllabus and Course DescriptionSean Shipley – sshipley@pths209.org   202-6581 www.pwhs-ceramics1.blogspot.com  

Ceramics I: Students will learn the basic hand-building techniques to create three-dimensional art from clay.  Students will have the opportunity to experience the basic techniques of Wheel Throwing.  Students will demonstrate the proper use of the basic techniques of trimming, glazing and decorating a finished work of ceramic art. 

Classroom Rules:

  1. RESPECT – yourself, your peers, your teacher and your classroom
  2. RESPONSIBLE – yourself, your work and your classroom
  3. THE NO’S – follow all school rules
  4. Have FUN – self explanatory!!!!

 REQUIRED MATERIALS:  Each student will be responsible for bringing and keeping in class the following supplies – 1 Folder and 2 Pencils.  Student may bring a cover shirt to wear in class if they choose.  Supplies will be a grade worth 100 points.  Students will be loaned 2 plastic bags and 1 plastic cup for the semester and are responsible for keeping them in their drawer and returning them at the end of the semester. 

Studio Procedures: Each student will begin each day by getting out their drawer which will be issued to them.  The drawer will be stored in their table for the period.  Next the student should read the objectives on the board and work on them in order.  Each student should maintain an organized folder with ALL paperwork, direction and idea sheets to be graded at the end of the quarter worth 100 points.  Students will complete an Idea sheet before clay will be given out.  Students are responsible for maintaining the moisture of their clay to keep it workable.  Clay NEVER goes in the garbage.  ALL clay is recyclable.  After creating a project the student will dry it using the Drying Cabinet.  The student will be responsible for placing a dried project on the Firing cart for a Bisque Firing which is ALWAYS scheduled on Mondays.  Once fired, the projects will be moved to the Bisque cart by the teacher.  Students will be responsible for glazing the pot and placing on the Firing cart for a Glaze Firing which is ALWAYS scheduled on Thursdays. NO WORK will be fired unless clearly marked with a student’s signature mark on the bottom of the project.  Work deemed improperly done will be placed on the Rejection Cart for the students to claim and repair or finish.  Students are responsible for making each Due Date. Students may not receive clay for the next project until they have turned in the previous project for Bisque Firing.  No extra time will be given for the next project nor will instructions be repeated, students should keep pace with the class at all times.  Students can keep track of their progress by checking the posted grades in the class cabinet. In-class reading and writing assignments may be turned in late for partial credit if completed outside of class. 

Tools:  All tools will be provided.  Each table will share a set of tools which are marked with the table number.  Each table is responsible for using only their assigned tools.  Each table will be responsible for putting away the tool drawer at the end of the period. 

Glazes:  Each student must have a Glaze Flow Fee permission slip on file before they may use any glaze.  Students may use any color glaze they wish.  Students are responsible for keeping glazes clean and free of impurities to insure the quality of the color.  Damaging glazes will result in the student paying for the replacement of that glaze.  Please wash all brushes before glazing as a precaution.  All brushes must be return properly and not left in the sink.  

Clean-Up:  Students are responsible for cleaning up all area in which the work everyday.  Students will be given the last ten minutes of class for clean-up.  No passes during clean-up time.  No passes will be given for students who clean-up late.  Failure to clean-up properly will result in the student being suspended from using clay or glaze until a Clean-Up appointment is fulfilled after school or during lunch.  Students will remain in heir seats until the bell rings.   

Attendance:  Attendance is critical for success in this class.  A daily participation grade will be factored into their quarter grade.  Poor attendance CAN cause failure if it becomes excessive.  Parents will be notified when absences/tardies accrue and a referral may be sent to Counselor/Dean for disciplinary action, up to 3 notices a quarter.  ALL Excused absences should be made up on the next day student is in class or during their lunch period or after school by appointment. NO PASSES will be given for Tardy students to use the restroom or leave the room for any reason. 

Project List:  All projects include the completion of a preliminary drawing.  Each will have specific uses of materials and methods utilized by the student.  Glazing is an ongoing process throughout semester.

  1. Signature mark.  Leave your Mark. (1 Day) 100 points.
  2. Supplies.  Gearing up for clay. (1 week) 100 points.
  3. PINCH POT.  From ball to wall.  (1 week – 2 pots) 100 points.
  4. COIL POT.  Stack’em high. (1 week – 1 piece) 100 points.
  5. QUARTER EXAM – Multiple Choice test. 50 points.
  6. SLAB POT with Cut Lid.  Off with the Head. (1 ½ weeks – 1 piece) 100 points.
  1. COMBINATION POT.  You’re the Tops Kid. (1 ½ weeks – 1 piece) 100 points.
  2. EFFIGY VESSEL.  A Box for Burial.  (1 ½ weeks – 1 piece) 100 points.
  3. WHEEL THROWING.  From Ball to way Tall. (14 weeks – based on effort)100 points.
  4. CHOICE POT.  Sky is the Limit. (1 ½ weeks – 1 piece) 100 points.
  5. NAMEPLATE.  Who AM I? (1 week – 1 piece) 50 points.
  6. FINAL EXAM – Multiple Choice test with a Written Essay. 100 points.

Not all projects will be assigned if time does not permit.  

 READING ASSIGNMENTS: Students will complete 13 additional reading and written assignments in class on various aspects of the class.  All assignments will be done in class with the provided textbooks, using the book that has the same number as your drawer.  These assignments may be turned in late for partial credit but must be done outside of class time.    

Evaluation:  Each project will be graded using the following criteria:

Completed on Time __/20 points – complete idea sheet and project

Followed Directions __/20 points – followed direction sheet properly

Neatness __/20 points – work done with care and proper technique

Concept __/20 points – execution of methods and techniques for project

Craftmanship __/20 points – creative designs and good execution of idea 

Grading Scale: Grades will be done using points.  Written assignments will range from 25 points to 50 points, clay projects will be worth 100 points and participation grade will be based upon number of days in grading period. 

A = 100 -90%  B = 89-80%  C = 79-70%  D = 69-60%  F = 59-0% 

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By, signing the above, I (the student) am accepting the responsibility for following all that has been laid out in the Syllabus and class description and accept the responsibility for meeting the teachers expectations for this class. As the parent of the above student, I accept the conditions and rules as explained in the syllabus and accept the responsibility for encouraging my student to meet the expectations as laid out in the Syllabus and class description.