This Month Newletter

  In phonics we are working on long a, e,  o, i, and u, a review of short vowels, and the two sounds of g.  We will work on these sounds in our guided reading groups when we read our phonics readers, "Miss Pig's Garden" and "Mike and Dave Sleep Outside".

    In reading we are starting a new theme, "Nature Walk".  The story in our anthology is "Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night". The children will also be reading leveled readers in guided reading groups.  We will be working on comparing and contrasting, questioning for comprehension, and a comprehension skill review.  
High frequency words for this week: 
beautiful   even   quiet   straight   year
Vocabulary words for this week: 
backpack   campfire   camping   hike   lanterns   tent
    Please have your child read at least 75 minutes a week. Children are to return their reading logs and folders for checking the first day of each week. 

bone   close   cute   goes   home   hope   joke   nose   note   one   robe   rope   these   those   use   
*drove   *mule

    We will have a practice spelling word test on Tuesday, a word test on Wednesday, and a sentence test on Friday.  Children who receive a 110% on the Tuesday practice test (including the challenge words) will not have to take the Wednesday word test. Everyone takes the sentence test on Friday.
Friday's Test
1. I hope the one mule with a cute nose goes home.
2. I will use a rope to close the robe.
3. These boys drove those cars.
4. The joke is about a bone and a note.

 Please practice for these tests.

    In math we will generate equivalent names for numbers in a name-collection box, use addition and subtraction facts in the Name the Number game, use symbols to write number sentences for Name the Number, practice facts in Frames-and Arrows problems, use patterns to find rules for Frames-and-Arrows problems, find missing numbers and rules for Frames-and-Arrows problems, count on and back by 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s, practice facts in "What's My Rule?" problems, use patterns to find rules for "What's My Rule?" problems, find missing numbers and rules for "what's My Rule?" problems?, count up and back by 1s, use addition and subtraction facts to solve subtraction problems, use Fact Triangles to practice facts, and use counting-up and counting-back strategies for subtraction.
    We will have a money test (quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies) on Monday, an addition facts test on Tuesday and Thursday, and a clocks test (o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past) on Wednesday.  We will also have a review quiz on this week's math skills on Friday. Children will have a Homelink assignment every day except Friday.

    In English we are working on punctuation, parts of a sentence, use of I, and describing words. Children are required to use proper punctuation in all of their work.
    In science we will complete our first science assessment. Our science vocabulary is evaporate, water vapor, condense, water cycle, precipitation, erosion, earthquake, landslide, and volcano.
    In social studies we are discussing fire safety, types of neighborhoods, and how neighborhoods change.

    We have received several postcards from classes in the United States. We hope to post some of the postcards we have received in the hall this week to share with other students.