Weekly prefixes


Standard ELA6L4.b:  Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word

Weekly quizzes are cumulative-a few from prior weeks will be on each new test.  Flashcards are a good strategy for memorizing and practicing these prefixes. 


March 19-23                                                  March 26-30                                                                 

1.  com (together)-community                        1. inter (between)  interject, interstate, internet

2. bi (two) bicycle                                          2. intra (within) intravenous, intranet

3. equi (equal) equilateral                               3. intro (into) introvert

4. con (together) conjunction                         4. mal (bad) malice

5. extra (beyond) extraordinary                    5. mis (bad) misery

6. ante (before) antecedent                          6. non (not)  nonviolent

7. circum (around) circumference                  7. post (after) postscript

8. de (down) descend                                     8. pre (before) predict

9. anti (against) antigravity                           9. semi (half) semicircle

10. dis (away) dismiss                                   10. sub (under) submarine


April 10-12

1. super (above) superb

2.  -itis (inflammation) appendicitis

3. tri (three) tricycle

4. sym (before) symmetry

5. -ician (one who does....) politician

6. archy (government) monarchy

7. -cide (kill) homocide, pesticide

8. un (not) unhappy

9. syn (together) synchronize

10. -ard (one who is always....) wizard, braggard, laggard, coward