Make A Wish

This year, we have a very ambitious goal, as MaW has raised its wish cost to $6,500 instead of 5,000.  That means we have $5,000 to raise!  Collections will be done during House on Thursdays, or you can come to Ms. Chant's Room, 330, anytime to make a contribution!  We are hopeful to meet our wish recipient by the year's end, so use the following schedule as your guide, or send me creative suggestions!  You can give any denomination that works for you, so save those pennies for a child who will appreciate them forever!   Here's a suggested guideline of what to contribute during the first quarter!

September:  Your height, in inches; your weight, in pounds; your shoe size; your age

October:  Number of rooms in your house; number of pets you have; number of sports you play; number of siblings you have

November: Number of days off this month; number of days you'll spend with family; number of gifts you'll ask "Santa" for