Student Writing Celebrations



In 1777, George Washington was having trouble keeping his soldiers in the army while they were at Valley Forge. In the winter of 1777, Washington decided to build a winter camp to have a place to live during the cold winter. At Valley Forge, there weren’t any beds to sleep on. Many soldiers slept on straw on the muddy floor. I am writing an essay describing why I would quit or not re-enlist for Valley Forge. I would quit Valley Forge because of the poor living conditions, the government not wanting to help, and the chance of getting sick and die.

I would have quit Valley Forge because of the poor living conditions. The American soldiers lived in smoky huts and slept on the floor with mud all around. The cold harsh weather made it very hard to live in Valley Forge for the next 3 or 4 months (Doc. C). The soldiers wore old tattered clothes and had nothing to eat. There had old ripped clothes and with the cold weather, they would freeze. In Doc C, Dr. Waldo stated that he heard many soldiers say “why are we sent here to starve and die? ”There wasn’t any food which made it even harder to survive (Doc. C). In the engraving in Doc B, I see that American soldiers were barefoot in the cold weather. (Doc.B). Living without food and wearing old clothes makes me want to quit Valley Forge.

Another reason I would quit Valley Forge is that the government wasn’t helping. The American soldiers were in very horrible conditions and the government didn’t even try to help. They didn’t give the army any money or food to survive (Doc. B). The Congressmen (the government) could have given the army some money or food but chose not to. For these reasons, I would have quit Valley Forge because I wouldn’t want to live in a harsh place with the government not wanting to help.

The last reason I would have quit Valley Forge was the chance of death and illness. The number of deaths during Valley Forge was 1,800 to 2,500 soldiers (Doc. A). In December of 1777, 2,898 soldiers became ill with a chance of death and in February of 1778, 3,989 soldiers became sick (Doc. A). The more the soldiers stayed at Valley Forge, the more soldiers became sick. I wouldn’t want to be at a place for the whole winter with the chance of getting sick and even dying. I wouldn’t want to be at a place where I’m risking my life. The chance of dying and getting sick would make me want to leave Valley Forge.

For these reasons the poor living conditions, the government not wanting to help, and the chance of getting sick and die would make me want to quit Valley Forge. Yes, it is true that only 1800 to 2500 soldiers died. That might have been a small number considering there were many more thousands of soldiers but still losing 2,500 soldiers gave the advantage to the British because they had more soldiers. Victory seemed a long way off, in fact for many it seemed unlikely.



While we were at home, They were on sea and land, To make sure our country stays safe, To protect and make sure everybody has freedom, Words were never good enough for them, To give words when they are due, Families and friends die for saving our country from others, Veterans should be thanked for their lives.


Dear American Veteran, Thank you for protecting our country. Our country would not be the same without you having the will to sacrifice yourself for this country. I appreciate all you do. God bless you! 


Thank You for serving this country, and if you were serving this country. Sincerely TS


Thank you, thank you all the way, for helping us every day, sacrificing and taking risks, through every walk and every wisp, thank you thank you, all the way.


While we were at home, They were sea to land, To make sure our country stays safe, To protect and make sure everybody has freedom, Words were never good enough for them, To give words when they are due, Families and friends die for saving our country form others, Veterans should be thanked for their lives that been crushed to one...

Thank you for fighting for us and they did services and aid for those in need

Thank you for being in the war we are so grateful,

Thank you for risking your lives in the Civil War. You will always be remembered you for the rest of history.

Thank you for letting us have the freedom and the right to speak up if we don't like something. CK

Thank you for your service and for protecting us, if you were never here we wouldn't have survived on earth. I'm so thankful, thank you.

Dear veterans, Thank you for risking your lives to keep us safe! From, AW



Why did Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand Sponsor Columbus?

For nearly 800 years Spain was in a long war with Muslims over land rights. Spain finally won the war, but the country had lost a lot of money and was left in a depression. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand read about a man named Marco Polo who visited Asia and that the land was full of wealth. This made the King and Queen think about an expedition to find this wealth. Along comes a man named Columbus who wants to lead this expedition. After Columbus’s proposition,Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand finally agreed to sponsor Columbus. The main reasons for their decisions were that they wanted riches and to turn converts to christianity.

Due to the long war with Muslims, Spain had lost a lot of money, Spain needed to gather more riches and make their economy better. The man named Christopher Columbus chose to use his navigational skills to help Spain gain wealth and increase its economy. Many people wanted to go to Asia because in that time period “spices were valuable trade goods” so if they found any they could sell them and make lots of money. That's why “traders became very rich because people all over the world wanted the spices”. (Document A) This means that if Spain was able to find any spices and a route to Asia they could become very wealthy like the traders. This is why they let Columbus begin on this expedition.

The long war was about having a pure religion in Spain which is Catholicism so called Christianity. So they also sponsored Columbus because they wanted everyone to become “Christians”. In the article the  Pope “Alexander” stated:” That Columbus’s mission was to embrace the christian religion .” (document D) This proves that Columbus was on a mission to make people christian and convert them into Catholics whether they wanted to or not. 

In conclusion, after much begging the Queen and king of Spain allowed Columbus to explore and conquer Asia for two main reasons: to gain wealth and have converts in Catholicism. As a result Columbus gained much wealth for Spain and had a whole new land to conquer.



I chose to do my interview on Arianna Armijo. Arianna is important to me because she is my sister and she always lends a helping hand when I need it. She has a lot of accomplishments like, she had done over 120 hours of community service, she is in the A.D.E academy, she has a G.P.A of 3.65, in sixth grade she got the ACE award, she helps with the ranch a lot, and she got her drivers permit. Arianna was born in Kaiser South Sacramento, Hospital in 2003. Now she is 17 years old. Her mom is Anita Jimenez, her dad is Aj Jimenez, her siblings are Alena Jimenez and Ajay Jimenez. Her favorite quote is, "An eye for an eye make the whole world blind. - Gandhi" One important memory is when she got her first puppy named Otis. The second most important memory is when she got siblings. Her favorite color is pink and she really likes tacos. Also, her favorite electronic game is "Detroit Become Human" and her favorite board game is chess. Her most liked song is, "I got a Feeling". But, she loves a whole bunch of songs. Arianna's favorite drink is Root beer. Her favorite symbol is the infinity symbol. This concludes Arianna Armijo's interview.


My mom is important because she works for me and she worked hard to get a roof over my head. One of her acomplishments were that she has been working at her job for 7 straight years She was born on May 29 1 of her special events was her marriage with my dad And one extra fact is that she has 5 brothers and she hates cats and dogs


Mrs. Doris Edgar was a brilliant woman. She finished college with 5 children, being married, and the responsibility of a house. She had three daughters Kat, Heather, and Jennifer, my mother. She also had two boys Chris and Eddie. Eddie had special needs; he created smiles. She had an older sister, Elizebeth and a little sister named Laurel. She became a school aid. She worked for many interesting men and women. As a child she loved to read and write. Her and her family moved a lot so she ended up at a different school for each grade. Doris Edgar was many things but my favorite thing she my grandmother.


This Biography is about my Dad. My dads name is Gerardo Diaz. My dad *A pastor * A dad to the greatest kids on earth * Graduated from High School * Got a Masters Degree (when I was 5 years old *2015) Personal information Born: November 28 1975 Where:In Oceanside CA Title & Author: Ultimate Leadership By Nathaniel Wilson Quote:”You have nothing to fear but fear,but fear it self."Mom: Juana Diaz Dad: Reyes Diaz Siblings: Mario Diaz .Facts 1.Book worm spending time with friends and family 3.Loves going to church 4.Loves coffee 5.Loves Mexican Food 6. Speaks and rights fluent Spanish 7.Is associate Pastor of The Rock Church of Elk Grove 8. Pastored his first church at the age of 28 in Oakland. My dad is the best dad in the world.


Name of Person: Christine Michael Mastainich/Yaya Why Is This Person important? She is important because she’s my Yaya or Grandma in greek and she has a very interesting background that she tells me stories about once in a while. What were his/her accomplishments? Her accomplishments were: I went through High School. I got married to the love of my life Joe. Had three wonderful children. Was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 12. That was the best decision of my life. Engaged in a world wide preaching work to help people learn about God’s Kingdom. Birth Information When: April eleventh 1939 Where: New Orleans, Louisiana Favorite Author and Book Author: Watchtower and Tract Society Book: The Bible Favorite Quote: Quote: “Do on to others as you would do to them.” - Mathew 7:12 Family Mom: Christine Mizithra Chrysovergis Dad: Michael Chrysovergis Siblings: Diane Michael Chrysovergis Bruning, Bessy Michael Chrysovergis Stewart, Helen Michael Chrysovergis Weiss, Jenny Michael Chrysovergis Brunning, Fanny Michael Chrysovergis Roquvert, Ernest Michael Chrysovergis, William Michael Chrysovergis. Important Events In Life Baptism as one of Jehovah’s Witnesess. Married the love of your life Joe Alan Christopher Mastainich. Personal Information/Facts Her phone number is a Hawaiian phone number. Lived in Saudi Arabia with daughter Tirza and Husband Joe for 4 years. Got to travel to many places because of my husband’s job. My daughter Tirza, her husband Wade and her daughter Amyl used to live in Peru. My son Scott, his wife Kris and his daughters Casey, Austin, and Blayke live in Hawaii. I am a great grandmother to my granddaughter Casey’s son Joauquin Cruz Quintana. I was married for 40 years and lost my husband when he was 56. 2 of my grandchildren Amyl and Blayke never got to meet him. I am 81 years old. I have been keeping a dairy for my husband the last 25 years.



Dear Donald trump, Can you try to make the COVID-19 quarantine go away and if you can not do that then can you make us be off of Quarantine Please?

Dear Future President, Hello my name is MS. I have some options on how to make this country even better than it already is. I only have one idea because I know that I have no ideas on how to make this country better. I think that less fortunate people should get free healthcare and access to a dentist. Thank you, 

Dear Mr. President either if you are Joe Biden or Donald J Trump, I respect that you are trying to "make America great again" but a man doesn't matter if he has money or not cannot fix all the problems in one state less in one country. People were made to be perfect but are first fathers Adam and Eve sinned and that is why we all inherit the sin. God's Kingdom is the only solution to mans problems and Jesus will be it's ruler for one thousand years than he will hand over the throne to his father who is God. I don't have anything I want these men "rulers" to do but I do have wonderful things that god and Jesus his son will do! So no suggestions because me an my family already voted and that is for Gods Kingdom ruled by his son Jesus Christ. We respect all you do and will obey your laws unless it goes against the laws our god has made for us. Yours Truly.AB

Dear Mr. president I hope that you will help with climate change and other topics I don't care who ( I personally like Joe Biden) i just want the united sates to be more you know united from,RW

Dear Mr. President, I have 3 recommendations that I think that would help the public and the environment. The first thing I think you should change is to stop using coal and use the power all around you such as water, air, and sun. Making more cars like Tesla would help the environment become one step healthier. A second thing I think that you could change would be to stop killing almost extinct animals. They are endangered and if we keep on killing almost extinct animals they will go extinct and future generations might not be able to see the animal. Our 26th president, President Roosevelt, said something similar about trees at Yosemite. Last thing that I think you should change is don’t let the toxic gases out when you're burning plastic to make new things. It could kill animals and hurt the plants all around us and it's not good for the people. It could make people and animals sick or worse. In conclusion, I think that these ideas would help the people and the animals all around us. Sincerely, EI

Dear president, Three things to make the U.S a better place. First,The pharmacies are giving people samples shots to find out the cure but they are getting covid-19 form the shots. Second, poeple need to stop robbing, killing, and its making people go crazy. Lastly, the human kind and animal kind are going down like hoe the dinosaurs died.

Spread love,kindness ,and care to the world always be kind when no one is looking.

Dear Donald trump, Can you try to make the COVID-19 quarantine go away and if you can not do that then can you make us be off of Quarantine Please? From,

Dear Mr President 1 Do not make people wear masks it is said by science experts that it is not good 2 Please open our schools, keeping school open makes it easier for the teachers, kids and their parents 3 Do not shut down Churches it is hard to have church online.

Dear President, If you can please lower taxes and lower gas prices. Thanks, CK

Dear President, I hope you lead the country well and are having a good day. Although, climate change is a big problem today. So, I think you should fix that problem by having a law that says every new house that is made has to be made with solar panels to stop using fossil fuels. I also think a way you can make our nation a better place is to make it illegal to sell plastic forks and spoons because plastic takes it a long time to breakdown in the earth. I hope these suggestions help you lead the nation better.

Less taxes and less unkindness to others and reunite again as one.

You should make all skins a better place.Also dont just worry about stocks and business finances worry about the people

Dear Joe Biden , I have one idea/wish to make for me What i think what you should do is please STOP Racism and we can get all treated equally and keep our earth nice and clean and lastly to Be the best u can EM

Dear Mr President, I hope you get this letter, but I would like to say couple of things. In the future, would like you to be more kind to other children or even adults, and even if they are sick or are from a different religion, also by not putting them in cages. One idea I have in mind is that stop thinking that you Mr president have more power than us citizens, although we have more power than you. (No offence) Which means you have no rights to put kids in cages. (And by the way I am in a different religion but doesn't mean you will have to put me in a cage also) Sincerely TS