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Welcome to art class at Passages Charter School!

Art at Passages Charter School will introduce students to the basics of drawing, painting, sculpting and building art.  They will get to look at modern and historical artwork from many countries, and will learn about the artists who created it. Through making art, the students will learn how art can help them communicate their ideas and feelings to others.  Art class should be a place where they can be creative and active learners.

Class Rules

Students will be expected to follow the policies of the school while in the art room.  A creative environment sometimes has less structure than a traditional classroom, but there are still some things expected of students so we can be productive.

Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Trustworthy. Be Responsible.
Also follow the rules of the art room:
1. Stay in your seat.
2. Use a quiet voice.
3. Follow all of the teacher's directions.