KIngdom Of Walkers


Join this website to show what you know and what you can learn about the hit tv show, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Hope you like the classroom its easy one assigment per day weekends off have fun!!!!!!


" I have come to believe all life is precious" ( Morgan )


  • If you fail the assigment i give you, He/She will be able to make up for it at the end of the week NO LATE WORK. I will fail you so work hard have fun in my class. 
  • Easy work one assigment per day five days a week 
  • Extra credit can be done. Quote 1 point, Summary on the seasons 10, Drawings 20. 
  • You can call me anything NO NEGATIVITY. My name is Patrick 

What to do in my class 

  1. sign up for my class 
  2. text me hi 
  3. Tell  me your name  
  4.   have fun in my class

How to pass my class 

  • Do your work 
  • Try hard on the assigments the best you got 
  • turn the assigment in on time     
 summaries  10%
 projects  50%
 tests  10%

                  Have Fun 

Kingdom Of Walkers