Research / Reference Links

At home, may require username and password. Ask your teacher or librarian for a list.


WorldBookOnline Encyclopaedia Britannica World Book Kids InfoPlease - includes encylopedia, dictionary, atlas, almanac


Knowledge Portal: (may be only available at school) From our Library's ibistro site, this page gives you links to lots of resources like encyclopedias, maps, and news.


Search - Nettrekker           Google


Patton Computer Lab Links: Helpful links put together by our wonderful instructional technologist.   




TAKS Preparation and Practice: From McGraw-Hill, this site contains on-line math and reading practices. Answer the questions and check your work. Teachers may be using this tool in the classroom, so you might check with your teacher before using this tool at home.


TAKS Released Tests and Study Guides: From the Texas Education Agency, you can print out previous TAKS tests for reading and math practice.


Click Here to go to the TAKS Study Guides page. These guides give parents and students an understandable explanation of each TAKS objective and includes practices your child can complete and score. Be aware when printing: the study guides are more than a hundred pages long, so just print the pages you need.



Student and Teacher Quicklinks:

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Texas Bluebonnet Award Books

Intel Thinking Tools

Newspapers in Education

Discovery School Brainboosters


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