Topic Links

Links that go with specific 3rd grade units of study:

Many excellent subject links can also be found on the Patton Website Links Page.


Deserts / Amigo / Animal Study

Click here for links to helpful resources for your desert research and animal research report.


Systems / Solar System / Space

Space Activities: Resources for your Planet WebQuest research, plus loads of fun activity links, all about Space!

Planet Web Quest: Our class activity that leads us on a tour of the Solar System.



Native Americans / Anasazi:

Take a virtual tour of a Kiva and a great house!

Take a virtual tour of Cliff Palace Square Tower at Mesa Verde National Park.

The Anasazi Heritage Center: Includes lots of information about the center and Anasazi ruins.


The Artifact Gallery: Use this site to answer questions for the classroom activity, A Day with the Anasazi. Students, please wait to do this in class.

Native American Activities: From, here is a collection of stories, activities, and information.


Encyclopedia of North American Native Americans


Selected American Indian Tribes: another site with information on many tribes.


American Indian Tribes and Cultures: a digest of links to resources on many Native American tribes.


Patton Computer Lab Links for Native American Tribe Research: Here are many helpful links added to the computer lab links page.




Earth's Stewards / Taking Action:

Ecology Kids Page: From the Washington State Department of Ecology, this interactive site is designed to teach you about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste management (or how we take care of our garbage).

Environmental Kids Club: From the Environmental Protection Agency, this site has lots of information and activities that teach children about natural resources and recycling.

Kids Recycle!: This site, for students and teachers, has all the information you need to take action in your community to encourage zero waste!

Kid's Recycling Corner!: From the University of California Davis, find games, links and information about reduction, recycling and more...

Recyclezone! : Welcome to recyclezone, the site for schools, children and teachers that tells you what's what in the world of waste!

Recycling Starts With You! : From, this site has teacher lesson plans and student activities that promote recycling.


Explorers / Colonial America:

Here's the cool Jamestown adventure site: An Oregon-Trail-type journey where your goal is to survive!! Make sure to talk to the colonists and read the charter so you can make the best choices possible (and learn loads about the Jamestown Colony).


The First Thanksgiving: From, this site includes an interactive look at colonial American life, including excerpts from a book and filmstrip we read in class, On the Mayflower.


What if You'd Been at Jamestown?: This is one of the books we're reading in class. At this site, you can read the entire book, then purchase the book if you want. Click on the box that says "View a complete book online!"




Heroes / Martin Luther King, Jr.

Links related to our study of Heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement.




The Patchwork Quilt

An Internet Scavenger Hunt to go along with our study of The Patchwork Quilt.



Lewis and Clark / Westward Movement

Discovering Lewis and Clark: An online history of the journey, including multimedia presentations, the chance to see primary sources (like pages from their journals), and more.

Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark: From National Geographic for Kids, go on an interactive journey with Lewis and Clark on their expedition.


Pioneers / Little House in the Big Woods

Links related to our reading of Little House in the Big Woods



Austin History:



James A. Patton:




Who Was James A. Patton?: Read all about our school's namesake.


Oak Hill History: A very detailed history of the Oak Hill and surrounding areas.


Harry Ransom:

UT Ransom Center: A slide show describing artifacts at this cool museum, located on the UT campus.











Ransom Center History: From the UT Ransom Center website, this gives a history of the center, including some biographical information about Harry Ransom.











Harry Ransom - Biography: A brief biography from Wikepedia (remember to double check the facts found from this site with other reliable resources).



Native American Settlements and Chief Placido:


Chief Placido: Information about this Tonkawa chief.


Biography of Chief Placido: From Wikepedia, a complete and thorough biography.


Tonkawa Tribe: A description of this Central Texas tribe.



MARE / Wetlands / Ecosystems Links


Patton Web MARE Links: Find many informative MARE links on the Patton web site. Go to Links, then MARE Links.

Ecosystems: What is an ecosystem?


Brine Shrimp Links:

Brine Shrimp and Ecology of Great Salt Lake: Learn about brine shrimp and how they survive in the Great Salt Lake.

Brine Shrimp Frequently Asked Questions: Learn just about all there is to know about artemia salinas, better known as sea monkeys, or brine shrimp!!


Wetlands Links:

Wetland Resources: From Coos Bay, Oregon school district, here are multiple Wetland resources.

MARE Wetlands Page: From the MARE site, here is a launching point for a multitude of Wetlands resources.


Wetland Virtual Field Trips:

Florida Keys Virtual Field Trip: Learn about the Florida Keys, including the Everglades.

Jug Bay Wetlands Virtual Field Trip: Visit the wetlands sanctuary at Jug Bay, near Washington, D.C.

Salt Marshes Virtual Field Trip: Visit salt marshes as you learn about salt marshes, estuaries, and coastal ecosystems.

Salt Marsh Virtual Field Trip from SC Life: From Clemson University's, here's another virtual field trip to salt marshes. Learn about marshes, estuaries, and more. Click here to download the writing activity that goes with this field trip.

Advanced Wetlands Virtual Field Trip: Conduct virtual water quality tests and make other observations on this cool virtual field trip. Probably suited for advanced students.

Wetlands of Watsonville: Take a virtual field trip to wetlands in California. Learn lots of basic facts about wetlands, and what this community is doing to preserve theirs.


Dive and Discover: This site follows researchers as they go on oceanic expeditions.





Polar Express links



Great Virtual Tours site! Links to loads and loads of cool places!