Anne Frank

Movie - The Diary of Anne Frank Movie - 


Vocab Lists

List 2 (Anne Frank list)

  1. Aggravating - annoying; make worse; re-injure; troublesome
  2. Appalled - stunned; dismayed;
  3. Jubilation - celebration; triumph; satisfaction
  4. Apprehension - hesitation; caught, arrested, detained
  5. Loathe - extreme dislike; hatred; intense dislike/disgust
  6. Sustenance - Food/drink; allows you to live; source of strength
  7. Disgruntled - angry; dissatisfied
  8. Intuition - your gut feeling; inner thoughts; first impressions
  9. Oppression - prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control; mental distress
  10. Tyranny - under someone's rule; cruel or oppressive government rule

List 3 - Anne Frank List

  1. Onslaught - a fierce or destructive attack
  2. Vile - extremely unpleasant; foul; nasty; bad; horrid; horrible
  3. Forlorn - pitifully sad; abandoned or lonely
  4. Wallow - take pleasure, satisfaction or indulge; roll about, lie, splash
  5. Insufferable - too extreme to bear; intolerable; overwhelming
  6. Pent-Up - closely held back or confined
  7. Pandemonium - wild; noisy; disorder; chaos
  8. Stealthily - something done secretly, slyly, or in a manner designed to not attract attention
  9. Compassionate - feeling or showing sympathy or concern for others
  10. Ostentatiously - trying to impress others; trying to attract attention

List 4 - Anne Frank vocab list

1. Diary

2. Historical

3. Impact

4. Melancholy

5. Enhance

6. Emigrate

7. Capitulation

8. Succession

9. Anxiety

10. Anti-Semitism

Anne Frank vocab

  1. Loathe
  2. Oppressive
  3. Monotonous
  4. Ludicrous
  5. Gestapo
  6. Pious
  7. Evade
  8. Barbarous
  9. Tranquility
  10. Row

  Anne Frank List 4


  1. Intuition - ability to know immediately without reasoning
  2. Inarticulate - speechless or unable to express oneself
  3. Ostentatiously - in a showy way
  4. Fatalist - one who believes that all events are determined by fate and cannot be changed.
  5. Meticulous - extremely careful about details
  6. Indignant - filled with anger over some meanness or injustice
  7. Ineffectually - without producing the desired effect
  8. Humiliated - make someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly.
  9. Inferiority Complex - a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards.
  10. Poise - graceful, elegant; balance




Play Characters: Miep
Mr. Frank
Anne Frank
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. van Daan
Mrs. Frank
Mr. Kraler


Anne Frank Warm Up 1
Rewrite making grammatical corrections.

On June 14 1942 thirteen-year-old Anne Frank begun a diary in which she recorded her hopes thoughts and dreams.

Anne's diary became the basis of Frances Goodrich's and Albert Hackett's play, The Diary of Anne Frank

The play gives the tragedy of war a human face and voice, Anne Frank's.

8 people were crammed into a tiny apartment, forced into hideing by the Nazi threat.


Anne Frank Warm Up 2 
Rewrite the sentences making grammatical corrections.

Cramped quarters and the fear of discover makes everyone tense.

The high spirited and fun loving Anne sometimes gets on peoples nerves

Everyone has there own opinion about how Anne should behave.

Anne can be difficult, however she is also generous and optimistic.



Anne Frank Project Choices

Anne Frank Project Choices (Choose One)

1. Poster - almost like a Book Report. An in-depth glimpse into the story/Secret Annex
2. Diorama - could be one specific room in the Secret Annex or the Secret Annex as a whole. Include details like the celebrity posters in Anne's room. Could be a shoe box or some other type of 3D model.
3. Model of The Secret Annex - A three story/multi layer creation of the Secret Annex. Items used could include styrofoam, popiscle sticks, etc. Be creative.
4. Create trading cards of the main characters (minimum of 10 characters) - Front will have a picture of the person and their name. The back side will have their stats (age, date of birth and death, quotes, etc). Use the Bio website in Schoology to research this info.
5. Act out a scene of the play
6. Create a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 10 slides) - could be character synopsis, a timeline of events, a comparison of plot vs. subplot(s). Could create 10 slides on each person - 8 occupants and 2 helpers.
7. Create your own diary with entries like Anne's. Minimum of 10 entries. Entries should be half-page to one page each. About your own life.
8. Create a collage about one theme from the play. It should include mostly images, though words and phrases may be sparingly used. The center should be a single word, the theme you are illustrating/representing. Could be on poster board, a tri-fold presentation board, etc.
9. Mural - create a painting or drawing of the setting, theme, characters, a blue print of the Secret Annex, etc. You should be creative to choose this project.
10. Clay/Playdough model of one of the characters - should be the size of a Barbie doll (or bigger) and include a backdrop like Anne's bedroom, etc.

8 People in Hiding : The Frank Family (Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne); The Van Pels Family (Hermann, Auguste, Peter); Fritz Pfeffer (Dussel)
Helpers : Miep Gies and Victor Kugler (Kraler)



Dear Parents/ Guardians:


Please be advised that 8th graders at YMS will once again be studying the unit “Anne Frank” in their Language Arts classes. Please be aware that this Holocaust drama, while not explicitly violent, explores some mature themes about WWII, captivity, self- preservation, religious persecution and perseverance. Although many students have already heard about Anne Frank by the time they reach middle school, the video based on her diary and account of survivors, includes some tense and potentially frightening scenes of what life was like for Jews in hiding. There is a general sense of foreboding as the Franks and their friends await the inevitable capture.  Although the issue of sexuality is insignificant, Anne and Peter do flirt, share a few stolen kisses etc.  A preview video with an anticipation guide helps students come to grips with the time period and the restrictions placed on Jews prior to being sent to concentration camps.  The drama presentation will be read in class, which will highlight the daily adventures and will lead to the eventual capture and deportation.   A second part of this video will show what life was like in the concentration camps and tracks the ultimate demise of the characters and the miraculous survival of the patriarch, Otto Frank.   Graphic scenes of gas chambers, crematoriums, disease and starvation are utilized to show how Anne remained a beacon of hope, an eternal optimist amidst the horrifying conditions.

If you wish for your child to not view this video that outlines life and death in these concentration camps, please return this form and let his/her Language Arts teacher know to provide an alternate assignment in the media center when those clips are shown. Please only return this form if you wish for your student to NOT participate.

Please note: The Anne Frank Project is due on Friday, February 16, 2018. This is a 40% grade.

I do NOT give permission for my student to watch the Anne Frank movie.

_____________________________________________________________________________________Student’s Name                                                                                                                    Class Period

_____________________________________________________________________________________Parent Signature                                                                                                             Date


Anne Frank Unit Test – Study Guide


List some of the restrictions against the Jews (when Hitler came to power). _____________________________________




What is the Star of David? ____________________________________________________________________________


Anne’s perspective on the Star of David   _________________________________________________________________


Peter’s perspective on the Star of David _________________________________________________________________


Who is Miep? ______________________________________________________________________________________


Who is Kraler? ______________________________________________________________________________________


What business did Mr. Frank own? _____________________________________________________________________


What led the Frank’s to the Netherlands? ________________________________________________________________


Why did Mr. Frank feel like he “owed” the Van Daans? _____________________________________________________


What do they call the bathroom? _____________________________________________________________________


How many bathrooms do they have? ___________________________ Do they have a shower/tub? ______________


What are the hours of quiet time?__________________________________________


One day Anne’s friends come to play but they are all gone. Where do people think they have gone? ______________ Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________


What presents does Anne give at Hanukkah?

Dussel    _________________________                                                                 Margot ________________________

Mr. Frank  _______________________                                                                 Mrs. Frank ______________________

Mouschi _________________________                                                                Peter ___________________________

Mrs. Van Daan   ____________________                                                             Mr. Van Daan ____________________


What does each character wish they could do (if/when they get out of hiding)?

Mrs. Van Daan   ____________________                                                                              Anne____________________

Peter     ___________________________                                                                             Dussel____________________



How long are they in hiding at the beginning of this act? (be specific) __________________________________________


What does Miep bring at the beginning of Act II? What time of year is it? _______________________________________


Who is Carl? What does he want? ______________________________________________________________________



What happened to the ration book people? ____________________________________________________________


Describe the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan _________________________________________________



What does Mr. Van Daan want to do with Mrs. Van Daan’s fur coat? __________________________________________


What does he want to spend the money on? _____________________________________________________________


Who is secretly stealing food in the Secret Annex? _________________________________________________________


What does the thief steal in the break in? ________________________________________________________________


Ideas about how they got caught/who turned them in:

Book Version: _____________________________________________________________________

Movie Version: _____________________________________________________________________


Turning point with Mrs. Frank in the story _______________________________________________________________


Anne’s feelings about being in a concentration camp? ________________________________________________


Who Said It / Quotes (you will identify who said the line from the play)

For example: “I know almost for certain that Margot would never kiss anyone unless she was engaged to them.”


When/where did the following people die?

Anne ______________________________________________     Margot _______________________________

Mrs. Frank _________________________________________


How did Mr. Frank find out about the death of Anne and Margot? ____________________________________________



Who survives in the end? ­­­­_____________________________________________________________________________


When was the book published? ______________________________________________


Who fought to get her diary published? ________________________________________


What does Anne call her diary (nickname)? _____________________________________


Who wrote the book? ________________________


Lesson Plans Including Anne Frank Unit

Anne Frank Secret Annex Online
Anne Frank - Secret Annex Measurements
Anne Frank Project Choices
Anne Frank Bio video
Inside tour of The Secret Annex
The Diary of Anne Frank digital copy

Thursday, January 4

  • Writing Prompt : What did you go over Christmas break? Did you go anywhere fun or do anything cool?
  • Introduce Anne Frank and discuss life before Nazi takeover
  • Anne Frank Bio Video

Friday, January 5

  • Write in your journal about what (if any) New Year's resolutions you made. Do you think you will stick to your resolution? Should people even make New Year's resolutions?
  • Anne Frank Bio Video
  • Week 23 (January 8- January 13)
    • Monday, Jan. 8
    • Tuesday, Jan. 9 - Discipline Assembly
      • Warm Up 67
      • Take up HW: Vocab sentences - review words (quiz is Friday)
      • Review Textual Evidence and Explicit Vs. Implicit
      • Finding Textual Evidence Frederick Douglass (handout and in Schoology)
      • Finding Textual Evidence O Pioneers (handout and in Schoology)
      • Handout: Cite Textual Evidence to Support Analysis (Sherlock Holmes article)
      • TOTD: Explicit Textual Evidence
    • Wednesday, Jan. 10 -
    • Thursday, Jan. 11
      • Warm Up 69
      • Vocab Review - Quizlet Live
      • Citing Textual Evidence: Video Games Assignment (see Citing Textual Evidence PPT for article) - and handout
      • Evaluating Sources Overview (Perdue OWL link)
      • Evaluating Sources Document (Schoology) - class set handout available
      • Evaluating Sources Quiz - Schoology under Q3 - Evaluating Sources Folder (do together)
      • Watch first 20 minutes of Anne Frank Whole Story movie
    • Friday, January 12 - Finish watching first 52 minutes of Anne Frank movie.
      • Turn in Warm Ups 66-69
      • STAR 17 - Schoology
        Vocab Quiz
      • Watch Anne Frank Whole Story video (up to 52:16 mark)
      • Classworks

Week 24 (January 15 - January 19)

Week 25 (January 22 - January 26) - Verb Mood

  • ELAGSE8W1: Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.
  • Monday, January 22
  • Tuesday, January 23
  • Wednesday, January 24
  • Thursday, January 25
    • Warm up 74
    • Discuss Standards and Word Wall Words (quiz on vocab tomorrow)
    • Review vocab - Kahoot
    • Persuasive Debate in class today
    • Classworks
  • Friday, January 26
    • Take Up Warm Ups (71, 72, 73, 74)
    • Vocab Quiz in Schoology (Anne Frank List 1 words)
    • STAR 17 - Schoology
    • Persuasive Debate in class today

Week 26 - January 30- February 3- The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Monday, Januuary 
  • Tuesday, Ja
    • Discuss Standards and Word Wall words
    • Take Up HW & review vocab words
    • Warm Up 76
    • Decide on characters for Anne Frank play
    • Scholastic Scope article on Anne Frank - Schoology
    • See Schoology for biography and comprehension check quiz
    • Remind students about Verb Mood/Voice test tomorrow- review material
    • Begin reading The Diary of Anne Frank (in our brown literature books - page 698) - Read Act I, Scene I & 2 today
  • Wednesday, Feb.
    • Discuss Standards and Word Wall words
    • Warm Up 77
    • Verb Mood/Voice Test - Schoology
    • When you finish test, move on to Classworks
    • Review Anne Frank materials in Anne Frank Folder (Schoology)
  • Thursday, Feb. 2
    • Warm Up 78
    • Continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank - read Scene 3
    • Review vocab words for quiz tomorrow - Kahoot
  • Friday, Feb. 3
    • Take Up Warm Ups 75, 76, 77, 78)
    • STAR 18 - Schoology
    • Anne Frank Vocab 2 Quiz in Schoology
    • Quiz on Anne Frank, Act I, Scenes 1-3 (Schoology: Q3: Anne Frank folder)
    • Continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank (read Act I, Scene 4 today)
    • Handouts: Anne Frank vocab word find and character sketch

Week 27 - February 6- February 10 - The Diary of Anne Frank - Lesson Plans

  • Monday, Feb
    • Discuss standards and word wall words
    • Warm Up 79
    • Introduce Anne Frank Vocab 3 words - quiz is Friday
    • HW: Write a sentence for each vocab word
    • Review Anne Frank: Bio pdf and Bio Comprehension check quiz - Schoology
    • Continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank (Act I, Scene 5)
    • Begin discussing/planning Anne Frank project
  • Tuesday, Febr
    • Discuss standards and word wall words
    • Take up HW and review words - quiz is Friday
    • Warm Up 80
    • Handout/discuss Anne Frank study guide (worksheet packet)
    • Continue reading The Diary of Anne Frank (began Act II today) Act II, Scene 1
    • Review/Assess questions in brown literature book
  • Wednesday, Febr
    • Warm Up 81
    • The Diary of Anne Frank (Act II), Act II, Scene 2 & 3
    • Decide on your project topic and work on it during class
    • 20 word summary of theme, topic, character, etc. (hang up on wall)
  • Thursday, Feb
    • Warm Up 82
    • The Diary of Anne Frank (Act II), Act II, Scenes 4 & 5
    • Work on your project
  • Friday, Feb
    • Take Up Warm Ups (79, 80, 81, 82)
    • Vocab Quiz - Schoology
    • STAR 19 - Schoology
    • Quiz on Act II - Anne Frank
    • The Diary of Anne Frank Project (work on your project in class today)
    • Work on Study guide packet
  • Week 28 - February 13 - February 17 - The Diary of Anne Frank -
    Next week - Anne Frank Unit Test