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Green Witch (digital book)


Green Angel Vocabulary

Chapters 1 - 2

1. Beacon - signal; source; a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.

2. Fearless - lacking fear; heroic; 

3. Storekeepers - a person who owns or runs a store

4. Coax - gently and persistently persuade (someone) to do something.

5. Biding (her time) - remain or stay somewhere; wait 

6. Perished - died; suffer death; volent death

7. Burden - typically a heavy load; a duty or misfortune that causes hardship, anxiety, or grief; a nuisance.

8. Kettles - a container or device in which water is boiled, having a lid, spout, and handle; a teakettle.  A large metal pot with a handle 

9. Looters - a person who steals goods or food, especially during a war or riot

10. Arbitrarily - without restraint; on the basis of random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

1. Brackish - unpleasant or distasteful; (of water) slightly salty, as is the mixture of river water and seawater in estuaries.

2. Evaporating - cease to exist; turn from liquid to vapor

3. Precautions  - defense; provisions; safeguards; a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerous, unpleasant, or inconvenient from happening.

4. Thoroughfare - main road in town; a road or path forming a route between two places.

5. Lurking - remaining hidden so as to wait in ambush.

6. Sorrow - a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

7. Distinguish - treat as different; perceive or point out a difference. Prominent or Worthy

8. Honorable - being worthy of honor; used as a title indicating eminence or distinction, given especially to judges and certain high officials.

9. Reputation  -the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

10. Pathetic  - arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness; miserably inadequate.


Green Witch Vocabulary

List 1 - Chapters 1-4

1. Resentful - feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly.

2. Cinders - a small piece of partly burned coal or wood that has stopped giving off flames but still has combustible matter in it.

3. Flourishing - developing rapidly and successfully; thriving.

4. Battered - injured by repeated blows or punishment. Shabby

5. Solace - comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

6. Dictated - lay down authoritatively; prescribe. Say or Read aloud

7. Yearned - have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.

8. Torrents - a strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid; sudden or violent outpouring

9. Saturated - holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed; thoroughly soaked.

10. Hodgepodge- a confused mixture

11. Contraptions - a machine or device that appears strange or unnecessarily complicated, and often badly made or unsafe

12. Oblige - be indebted or grateful; make someone legally bound to an action

1. Toll (taker) - someone employed to collect tolls

2. Tinged - emit a sharp, clear, ringing sound.

3. Thrumming -make a continuous rhythmic humming sound. Strum or Rhythmic

4. Hedge - a fence or boundary formed by closely growing bushes or shrubs.

5. Meshing -lock together or be engaged with another gearwheel. Engage, interlock

6. Sulfur - the chemical element of atomic number 16, a yellow combustible nonmetal.

7. Merely- just; only

8. Trekking - a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot.

9. Iridescent - showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.

10. Generators - a person or thing that generates something. A machine that runs power when the power is out

11. Tinkerer - mender

12. Hastening - to be quick to do something; move or travel hurriedly.


Green Angel Novel – Unit Test Study Guide


Setting: _________________________________    Theme: __________________________________

Main Characters: (describe them or list significant traits of each character)

Green _______________________________________New Name : __________________

Mom ________________________________________Dad ____________________________

Aurora _____________________________________  Ghost ____________________________

Neighbor ____________________________________ Onion _____________________________

Heather _____________________________________ Diamond _________________________

Shopkeeper : ________________________________ Narrator : _________________________


Figurative Language – examples from the text. Identify the type of figurative language described.

Personification __________________________________________________________________________

Hyperbole __________________________________________________________________________

Simile __________________________________________________________________________

Metaphor __________________________________________________________________________

Onomatopoeia __________________________________________________________________________

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