To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird Sparks Notes

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Reading Focus: Lit. or Info. or Arg. 

Anchor Text: To Kill a Mockingbird

     Novels/Plays: The Help

     Excerpts: “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”

     Short Stories (use as mentor texts) : “When I Lay my Burden Down”, Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird”, “The Sniper”, “Hills Like White Elephants”, “Story of an Hour”, “How to talk to girls at parties

     Poems: “Wreath for Emmet Till” “My Papa’s Waltz” , “The Little Town is Where”

     Non-fiction: “American History” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Bill of Rights

     Film:  Central Park Five, Scottsboro Boys

Research Connections: research the 1930’s era; research Hoover or FDR; portfolio (Google Doc) : analysis of Atticus’ closing argument (summative assessment)