To Kill a Mockingbird

The Need for Empathy and Respect Unit Overview

To Kill a Mockingbird Sparks Notes

TKAM Brain Pop

Activity packet

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Character list

Reading Focus: Lit. or Info. or Arg. 

Anchor Text: To Kill a Mockingbird

     Novels/Plays: The Help

     Excerpts: “A Letter from Birmingham Jail”

     Short Stories (use as mentor texts) : “When I Lay my Burden Down”, Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird”, “The Sniper”, “Hills Like White Elephants”, “Story of an Hour”, “How to talk to girls at parties

     Poems: “Wreath for Emmet Till” “My Papa’s Waltz” , “The Little Town is Where”

     Non-fiction: “American History” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Bill of Rights

     Film:  Central Park Five, Scottsboro Boys

Research Connections: research the 1930’s era; research Hoover or FDR; portfolio (Google Doc) : analysis of Atticus’ closing argument (summative assessment)



TKAM Vocabulary

List 1

1. Pg 1 assuage (v)  to ease; to make less painful; to calm
2. Pg 4 dictum (n) an authoritative statement or decree
3. Pg 5 taciturn (adj) quiet; not verbose or wordy
4. Pg 9 quaint (adj) unusual in character or appearance
5. Pg 11 (use malevolent for sentence) malevolence (n) ill will or evil intentions
6. Pg 11 predilection (n) preference
7. domicile (n) home or residence; abode
8.  Pg 12 profane (adj or v) showing contempt toward sacred things
9. Pg 104 innate (adj) existing from birth; inborn
10. Pg 21 indigenous (adj) native to a certain area
11. Pg 36 diminutive (adj) reduced; unusually small 
12. Pg 38 fractious (adj) unruly; difficult to control
13. Pg 42 disapprobation (n) disapproval; condemnation
14. Pg 43 auspicious (adj) favorable
15. Pg 82 palate (n) the roof of someone’s mouth
16. Pg 57 benevolence (n) kindness, generosity, charity
17. Pg 80 hone (v) to sharpen, to make more intense/effective
18. Pg 90 caricature (n) a portrayal where features are distorted; a parody 
19. Pg 101 inordinate(adj) excessive; exceeding reasonable limits 
20. Pg 103 ingenuous (adj) innocent and unsuspecting

List 2

1. fanatical (adj) excessively enthusiastic 
2. tentatively (adv) not certainly; provisionally 
3. rudiments (n) basic elements or skills; early stages of development 
4. articulate (v) to speak distinctly; (adj) clearly expressed 
5. melancholy (n) a gloomy state of mind 
6. palliation (n) an easing of pain, guilt, or intensity
7. rectitude (n) state of moral integrity 
8. succinct (adj) brief; compact 
9. protruded (v) stuck out 
10. propensities (n) preferences; natural inclinations
11. frivolous (adj) lacking in seriousness or importance 
12. propelled (v) was driven or pushed forward 
13. obliquely (adv) indirectly, misleadingly 
14. edification (n) instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually 
15. reverent (adj) honored; guarded with respect 
16. infallible (adj) incapable of error 
17. placid (adj) peaceful; calm 
18. unobtrusive (adj) not readily noticeable; inconspicuous 
19. acquiescence (n) stage of giving in; compliance 
20. oblivious (adj) not aware or not concerned with what is happening around oneself


List 3

1. corroborating (v) supporting or helping by providing evidence (p. 227)
2. congenital (adj) existing from birth (p. 227)
3. acrimonious (adj) angry and bitter (p. 229)
4. serene (adj) placid; calm (p.231)
5. complacently (adv) in an unconcerned fashion; in an uninterested or unchanging way (p.237)
6. vivid (adj) bright, distinct, and clear (p.214)
7. turbulent (adj) not controlled or calm (p.226)
8. impudent (adj) disrespectful; characterized by improper or bold behavior (p.265)
9. aridity (n) dryness (p. 271)
10. unmitigated (adj) unrelieved; unqualified; absolute (p.273)
11. temerity (n) boldness that is foolhardy or foolish (p. 273)
12. furtive (adj) secret in an underhanded way; stealthy (p. 293)
13. sordid (adj) filthy; foul (p. 296)
14. droned (v) spoke in a monotonous tone (p.298)
15. impertinence (n) rudeness; lack of manners (p. 308)
16. recluse (n) a person who lives in solitude; a hermit (p. 324)
17. enunciated (v) pronounced clearly (p. 329)
18. savored (v) enjoyed (p.333)
19. irascible (adj) irritable; easily angered; cranky; cross (p. 342)

20. ominous (adj) dark or threatening (p.195)