Warm Ups

High School Warm Ups

Add commas and quotes where necessary. If the sentence is correct, LEAVE IT BLANK. 

  1. My grandmother graduated from high school in May 1944. 

  2. On June 5 1999 I had to rent a U-haul truck.     

  3. I had to pay an extra fee at the airport since I had too many clothes in my luggage. 

  4. I had to take out the trash clean the bathroom or wash the dishes before I could borrow the car. 

  5. Susan the school secretary is really great at answering the phones in a calm polite manner.   

  6. Stop cried the policeman when the children began to run across the street. 

  7. Darla will you let me borrow a dress from your closet? 

  8. Let’s eat grandma. 

  9. Dear Dr. Jackson can we please be excused from summer reading? Sincerely The Students of JHS

  10. That’s a great idea right? 

  11. I think that we should take a break but I still want to go to prom with you. 

  12. He wants to be an astronaut and feels that science is his best subject in school. 

  13. Give me the piece of cake with the most frosting not the middle piece. 

  14. Hello I spoke loudly into the phone are you still there?

  15. Firefighter do in fact save lives.


    21. I can write very well when I try. 


    22. Frank planned to read his speech but he lost his notes.


    23. Alex who works after school makes the Honor Roll each year. 


    24. In a few minutes laughed Julio you’ll know the surprise.


    25. Dear Pamela Please send me some information on the case. I want to update our reports. Your friend    Marie            


    26. When I try I can write very well.


    27. We’ll have our next rehearsal on January 10 the band director remarked.  


    28. This is hard isn’t it? 


    29. Frank planned to read his speech but lost his notes.


    30. Unless you are sick you should not take medicine prescribed by a doctor. 


    31. Grace said Why don’t you ever want to FaceTime anymore? 


    32. I broke my foot and I can’t compete in this week’s wrestling match.


    33. Mykonos a small island off the coast of Greece is surrounded by the most beautiful blue water. 


    34. We should go to the grocery store on Sunday shouldn’t we? 


    35. I want to try the sushi roll with the crunchy stuff on top not the slimy one. 


    36I broke my foot and can’t compete in this week’s wrestling match.


    37. You should not take medicines prescribed by a doctor unless you are sick. 


    38. Wherever I go my mom insists that my little brother go with me. 


    39. My mom insists that my little brother go with me wherever I go. 


    40. Dear Dr. Jackson Please give us more snow days that we don’t have to make up. Sincerely Everyone  


Middle School Warm Ups

Daily Warm Up Exercise #1

Write down the sentence in your notebook. Correct all errors. Be ready to present.

We have drank all of the fruit punch eric but mother will buy some more for we kids

They arrived late they missed the beginning of the lion king.

inside of the room you could see how good he had sat the Dining room table


Warm Up 2

Vicky is the better of the four athletes but she cant be at all the games 

if you had shook the malt good you could of drank it easily

Please do the following things mail that package type the lists straightening the books and phoning ms roberts


Warm Up 3

ive never had no desire to have him learn me how to drive because hes to critical

 would of froze that corn but i couldnt get it off the cob

will you read the novel because of Winn dixie or will you read the magazine article scientific mysteries over the weekend


Warm Up 4

i will lay down for a while and then go watch the movie kissing booth

marty and me have ate our lunches therefore well carry the boxes to the room

unless you lay down for a while youll collapse from overwork


Warm Up #5

I and my brother seen the movie young frankenstein at the majestic theater

there are two girls who are reading the short story called flowers for Algernon they'll share it in Class

Betty exclaimed dont touch that hot pan


Warm Up 6

I should of wore them gloves but i returned then back to my sister

to be specific the chicago tribune is different from the chicago sun-times because the former contains more sections

to enjoy a shakespearean play like hamlet a person should read it before seeing it i believe


Warm Up 7

Since donnas poem entitled springtime won first prize mr harris our teacher read it to us

the japanese company has began to develop to new computers and they plan to market there products next year

please leave roy and carls popular mechanics magazine since earl has already write his report


Warm Up 8

cindy she dont borrow her bicycle to many people however she will let a friend use it

holy cross church must of purchases the twenty nine trees for it's landscaping porject 

this there quote appeared on the poster be not the first whom the new is tired


Warm  Up 9

the sun will rose over the catskill mountains by 6 10 AM tomorrow

that woman who is buying a ticket must like to travel alot because she has gone to europe every summer for the past ten years

i ran farther then the other forty-nine people i believe


Warm Up 10

has sarah took my book again asked george angrily

this rose-colored dish was gave to my mother and i by my Aunt who lives in savannah

after finishing a note to jan the pen was put away by gloria


Warm up 11

on vacation at stone lake the bailey family enjoyed boating swimming to fish and to hike

she should of chose the best of the two plays which was life with father

juan stated me and my sister are reading the interesting novel the prince and the pauper


Warm Up 12

the pipes freezed i learned because this here furnace didn't work proper

they haven't never found the most valuable of the too stole paintings

if you want to see an interesting Television program than watch thriller theater on thursday evenings



Warm Up 13 (:Phrases and Clauses ) IXl aa.1


clause is a group of words containing a subject and verb.

phrase is a group of words without a subject-verb component, used as a single part of speech.

Write Phrase if the example is a phrase or Clause if the example is a clause. If the example is a phrase, identify if it is dependent or independent

  1. She is hungry
  2. With the blue shirt
  3. I am feeling well today
  4. Although she is hungry
  5. Needing help


Warm up 14

A clause is a group of words containing a subject and verb.

phrase is a group of words without a subject-verb component, used as a single part of speech.

Write Phrase if the example is a phrase or Clause if the example is a clause. If the example is a phrase, identify if it is dependent or independent.

  1. For twenty days
  2. Whoever is hungry
  3.  Best Friend
  4. She will give him some of her food
  5. Since she was alone


Warm Up 15

i seen my father fix the faucet standing in the door
them students they are reading the article entitled pollution on the rise
she arent to concerned about reading the short story the gift of the magi shell see it on television next tuesday

Warm up 16

A participle is a verbal functioning as a(n) ______________ (adjective or modifier)

Past tense participle ending? ed

Present tense participle ending? ing

A participle modifies the (noun) or (Pronoun) that comes immediately before it or immediately after it

True or false? A participle can often be removed and you still have an independent clause? True


Warm up 17

Identify the participle or participle phrase

Having struck out ten batters, Lucas became the starting pitcher for the West Walton Pirates team.

The balding man couldn't help but comb his hair over to one side.

The energetic 4-year-old danced the night away at Loganville's Groovin' on the Green event.

YMS' undefeated softball team is on a winning streak with a 10-0 season. 


Warm Up 18- Verbals Review Infinitives 

An infinitive is formed how? __________ plus a ____________

Give an example of an infinitive _______________________

Infinitive or Prepositional Phrase?

I want to go to NYC.

My bucket list contains a trip to the World Trade Center Memorial.

She said she wanted to hear Shawn Mendes in concert. 


Warm Up 19-

Phrase or Clause?

Since she was left alone

worth different points

Identify the Participle

The bawling child couldn't be consoled

The elevated train car was loud from the ground.

The unsuspecting Ms. Luella Jones didn't expect the teenage boy to try to snatch her purse.


Warm Up 20 - Verbals Review (Gerund)

Gerunds always end in ________________

When a gerund comes immediately after a preposition, it is functioning as an __________ of the ____________

When a gerund comes at the beginning of the sentence, it’s normally functioning as the _____________.

Gerunds differ from participles because participles function as __________ or the main _____________.


warm Up Theme:



What is theme? (3 M’s) _________, _________, and/or ____________

Theme is what the __________ wants you to know or learn

True or False: The author will always tell you the theme of the story



i seen my father fix the faucet standing in the door
them students they are reading the article entitled pollution on the rise
she arent to concerned about reading the short story the gift of the magi shell see it on television next tuesday


Warm up 21

she don’t want to leave we too kids attend the football game weve been gone to much recently
leave the book playing dead lay on the shelf until your ready to read it said mr arnold
we read the poem paul reveres ride and the we started the novel lillies of the field in english class


Warm Up 22

one of picassos most famous paintings guernica were at the museum of modern art
before 230 PM miss spencer will have chose the students who will appear in the play a christmas carol
his plants have growed good because he has kept this here garden free of all harmful Insects


Warm Up 23

if i had knowed the you were hear you could of spoke about your trip to russia
have you swam across emerald lake before asked ethel
roger has did that imitation for them children many times his next act however is new


Warm Up 24

which of the girls val or nancy has throwed the ball farthest today
i havent began to do no homework tonight because my father said that im to clean my room first
irregardless of how poorly she played she won the game for we juniors when the ball slided threw the net


Warm Up 25

on august 23 1987 our boathouse which was built for years ago on lake michigans eastern shore burned down
there is one poem that appeals to me it is entitled annabel lee by edgar allan poe
i should of knowed that sean and me would have to deliver the milwaukee journal on easter


Warm up 26

among the to girls it was agreed that bettys mother is the better cook in the neighborhood
the song st louis blues has been popular for a long time because many famous singers have sang it
she went inside of the haunted house but she wouldnt go down in the basement said joan



Warm Up 27

is the people in the south more friendly then those in the north
she must of did her packing early mother since she left for boston at 830 AM
who has broke this chair again shouted mom it is an antique that I price and like very much


Warm up 28

we have wrote our rough Drafts and now we have alot of revising to do
that boy who is very independent never asks for any favors and don’t like to do none for others
they should of went to see that play julius ceasar when it was at the orpheum theater


Warm Up 29

on march 9 1979 the divers found valuable coins that are later discussed in the article famous spanish doubloons
since im not sure can you tell me if marco polo died in ad 1324
she couldnt of ran any better however she lost the race


Warm Up 30

someones wallet was left hear yesterday after the highland glee club had sang
keep proper margins when you write said the Teacher and also pay attention to you’re handwriting
you can travel to spokane washington on highway 95 I believe



Q1 Exam Review Warm Up #1

The author’s feeling toward the subject _______________________________________

Gerunds always end in ________________________ and are easy to spot when they are the _______________ of the sentence.

The participle functions as the ________ _________ or the ___________ in a sentence.

Gerund or Participle?

She decided it was time to lace up her running shoes and return to exercising.

Running is her favorite sport.

Charlotte, having been on the road for two days, was worn out from her trip.


Q1 Exam Review Warm Up #2

This POV includes words like I, Me, My ____________________________

This genre is "not fake" ______________________________________

Type of conflict? A man arguing with his local government over his high property tax bill _________________

Infinitive or Prepositional Phrase? 

I can't wait to go to Disney World. I've never been.

Off to the movies we go.


Q1 Exam Review Warm Up #3

Word Bank: Historical Context, Autobiography, Annotation, Memoir, Exposition, Climax, Resolution

1. ______ historical account or biography written from personal knowledge

2. _____ social, religious, political, and economic conditions that existed during a certain time and place

3. ______________ a note of explanation or comment added to a text

4. This part of the plot diagram is the most exciting, suspenseful ___________

5. This part of the plot diagram is where the characters and setting is introduced _____________

Warm Up 31

being an architect must be exciting for example think of designing the empire state building in new york city
amy remarked gwen hasn’t wrote since she moved to rochester new york
my father has chose the hadley travel agency to plan a two week vacation in spain and Portugal


Warm up 32

im angry with my dog freckles which we buyed for seventy five dollars in grand rapids last 
to finish the float on time well need to buy more lumber paint and nails
at a theater on locust blvd ann seen a movie about the great depression


Warm up 33

dr manning sayed that food clothing and health supplies will be sent by us to south america on the twenty first of January
in the book arctic adventure a dog that had froze during a blizzard was let behind
russian is a difficult Language I haven’t never understood it


Warm Up 34

jackie has drew a picture of a ship in the harbor at mystic connecticut the ship don’t look very big
them cats hasn’t never let that dog come near there food
hasn’t mr patterson never borrowed you her copy of julia childs book the art of french cooking



Analogies 1 - Warm Up #35
A) theme : song                                
C) parade : party
B) meal : dessert                              
D) scene : play
Bridge Sentence: A conclusion is part of an essay. A is part of a .

A) telephone : communication         B) wallet : cash
C) pencil : paper                                  D) lake : moisture
Bridge Sentence: A locker is used for storage. A is used for .

A) baffling : confusing                         B) upsetting : exciting
C) improving : hopeful                        D) crippling : stressful
Hint: Something that is excruciating is very painful. Something that is is very .


Analogies #2 - warm Up #36


A) peace : harmony                        B) music : art

C) knowledge : wisdom                   D) sorrow : joy

Bridge Sentence: Fame is the opposite of obscurity. is the opposite of .



A) ship : wooden                             B) sermon : religious

C) newspaper : popular                   D) coupon : valuable

Bridge Sentence: A characteristic of an heirloom is to be inherited. _.



A) hope : tornado                          B) vaccination : disease

C) carelessness : accident             D) dream : sleep

Bridge Sentence: Sunscreen is used to prevent sunburn. _.



Analogies #3 - Warm Up #37
A) limerick : poetry                             B) mathematics : numbers 
C) rain : season                                  D) water : thirst
Bridge Sentence: Aluminum is a type of metal. ___

A) challenging : difficult                      B) dramatic : tragic 
C) brief : lengthy                                    D) scholarly : studious

A) unskilled : magic                             B) terrified : logic 
C) unqualified : credentials               D) gullible : belief

A) priest : evil                      B) cold : contagious 
C) car : broken                                       D) vegetable : green


Analogies #4- Warm Up #38


A) artist : idealistic                               B) island : lonesome

C)  Emergency : urgent                        D) intention : challenged

Bridge Sentence: A characteristic of an epidemic is to be widespread. A characteristic of an is to be .



A) bone : skeleton                                       B) movie : film

C) meal : restaurant                                  D) career : job

Bridge Sentence: A note is part of a melody. A is part of a .



A) medicine : disease                                     B) seatbelt : plane

C) shield : sword                                          D) hat : helmet

Bridge Sentence:A lifejacket is used for safety on a boat. A is used for safety on a .



Analogies #5- Warm Up #39


A) hyper : energetic

B) depressed : angry

C) fit : strong

D) cruel : strange

Bridge Sentence: Someone who is devout is very religious. Someone who is is very .



A) spicy : delicious

B) flimsy : sturdy

C) tasteful : classy

D) elevated : escalated

Bridge Sentence: Something that is hidden is not visible. _.



A) fever : issue

B) problem : solution

C) disagreement : argument

D) room : home

Bridge Sentence: A cough is symptomatic of a cold. _



Analogies 6 - Warm Up #40
Veins: Circulate
a) calculators : think c) laws: enforce
b) boots : sprint d) ornaments: decorate

Assassination: Murder
a) document : certificate c) relay: race
b) beverage : drink d) technology: robot

Ignite: Extinguish
a) harvest : plant c) investigate : trust
b) rest : relax d) remove : confiscate

Elderly: Youth
a) famous : popularity c) smug : satisfaction
b) rational : proof d) well : illness

Analogies 7, Warm Up 41
Honor: Disgrace
A) comfort : pleasure B) safety : peril 
C) sanity : sense D) anger : rage

A) folktale : traditional B) whip : evil C) disease : curable D) meal : satisfying

Island: Archipelago
A) anchor : aircraft B) archive : album C) ocean : iceberg D) article : newspaper


Warm Up #42, Analogies 8

Patience : Virtue
A) essay : story B) currency : credit C) denial : reaction D) faith : religion

Kiss: Affection
A) smile : fear B) joke : importance C) message : information D) television : actors

Network: Connect
A) statue : memorialize B) funeral : eliminate C) telephone : hear D) device : create

Analogies 9, #43
Damaged: Devastated
A) unusual : weird B) unkind : hurtful 
C) incredible : mundane D) prevalent : common
Algebra: Mathematics
A) rain : precipitation B) bronze : metal 
C) tradition : culture D) trade : economy
Uninhibited: Restraint
A) overweight : shape B) unhealthy : control 
C) intelligent : thought D) generous : selfishness
Offer: Request
A) damage : repair B) enjoy : entertain 
C) experience : participate D) endure : continue


Warm Up 44
PIPE : WATER A) bottle : wine B) artery : paint C) vein : blood D) nozzle : hose
DREAMER : IDEALISTIC A) judge : legal B) cynic : critical C) parent : feminine D) novice : skilled
VERDICT : JUDGMENT A) jet : helicopter B) observation : science C) principal : school D) infant : baby

Warm Up 45

A) graceful : flexible 
B) vicious : aggressive 
C) frightening : spooky 
D) evil : insane

A) rifle : weapon 
B) instrument : violin 
C) pattern : plaid 
D) airplane : spacecraft

A) doubtful : faith 
B) determined : work 
C) rich : charity 
D) beautiful : love


A) ordinary : plain B) imaginary : fake 
C) astonishing : surprising D) skeptical : trusting

A) worker : secretary B) flower : daffodil 
C) dog : canine D) doctor : dentist

A) salmon : seafood B) snow : tundra 
C) jungle : desert D) pet : hamster



Warm Up 47
A) talented : skill B) rude : intelligence C) fortunate : money D) ruthless : mercy
Someone who is corrupt lacks morals. Someone who is a lacks .

A) master : slave B) storm : blizzard C) sonnet : poem D) tribe : family
A democracy is a type of government. A is a type of .

A) numerous : many B) foolish : wise C) awful : dreadful D) anxious : nervous
Cowardly is the opposite of brave. is the opposite of .


Warm Up 48

A) flower : fragrant B) daughter : rebellious C) conversation : short D) disease : curable
A characteristic of a knight is to be chivalrous. A characteristic of a is to be .

A) suit : tie B) shovel : pit C) summer : season D) month : year
A buckle is part of a belt. A is part of a .

A) novelist : writer B) boat : submarine C) radio : television D) organization : party
A blizzard is a type of storm. A is a type of .


Warm Up 49
A) vegetarian : wheat B) herbivore : plants C) omnivore : food D) vegan : pastries
A carnivore eats only meat. _

A) solitary : alone B) peaceful : nervous C) vengeful : forgiving D) religious : doubtfu
By definition, someone who is honest is also sincere. _.

A) court : blame B) trailer : roam C) jail : imprison D) café : ingest

A) dealer : employer B) deer : antelope C) telephone : call D) assault : crime


Warm Up 50
SENATE : CONGRESS A) cinema : theater B) lobby : hotel C) judge : chamber D) government : democracy
The Senate is part of Congress. A is part of a .

SUCCESS : FAILURE A) grief : sadness B) debt : loss C) virtue : evil D) life : birth
Success is the opposite of failure. is the opposite of .

HEINOUS : EVIL A) tremendous : large B) old : antique C) distressed : flawed D) possible : probable
Something that is heinous is very evil. Something that is is very



Warm Up 51

SCRIBE : WRITE A) mother : reign B) tribute : offend C) translator : read D) watchman : guard
The function of a scribe is to write. The function of a is to sell .

GLASS : DELICATE A) air : bearable B) stone : gray C) cola : bubbly D) peace : eternal
A characteristic of glass is to be delicate. A characteristic of a is to be 

CAT : FELINE A) book : novel B) blunder : mistake C) theatre : play D) automobile : tank
By definition, a cat is a feline. _.

Warm Up 52

HOBBY : PASTIME A) emperor : leader B) producer : product C) skill : sport D) player : athlete
A hobby is a type of pastime. _.
AMBITIOUS : LAZY A) embarrassed : timid B) talkative : loud C) friendly : gregarious D) insecure : confident

How many periods in an ellipsis? When will there be four?

What type of punctuation would you use for to and through?

Warm Up 53

A) hesitant : doubt B) ignorant : knowledge 
C) pleasing : happiness D) lovely : affection
A) nation : powerful B) activist : naive 
C) worker : impoverished D) ghost : ethereal

True or False? An ellipsis is used correctly when no pertinent information is omitted?

Where should the dash go?

Please arrive between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. don’t be late!

Please call my supervisor Darrell M. on Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Warm Up #54
1) ATHLETE : FIT A) chef : fat B) dog : energetic C) priest : religious D) dancer : intelligent
A characteristic of an athlete is to be fit. A characteristic of a is to be _

2) MICROWAVE : HEAT A) refrigerator : cool B) freezer : cook C) sink : organize D) fireplace : destroy
The function of a microwave is to heat food. The function of a is to food.

3) COMEDY : FUNNY A) mystery : boring B) drama : romantic C) tragedy : sad D) newspaper : expensive
A characteristic of a comedy is to be funny. A characteristic of a is to be __.




Warm Up #55
A) mother : daughter B) doctor : nurse 
C) uncle : aunt D) father : parent
A brother is, by definition, a sibling. 

A) shy : timid B) enraged : angry 
C) sad : upset D) excited : anxious
Someone who is humiliated is very embarrassed. 

A) boat : mountain B) helicopter : cloud 
C) truck : highway D) wagon : wheel
A train travels on a railroad. 

Warm UP #56

Identify the Allusion:

1. Your backyard is a Garden of Eden.

2. When you feel betrayed by a friend, you can say, "You too, Brutus?"

3. You're a regular Einstein.


A) success : failure B) food : hunger

C) motivation : dedication D) maturity : youth

Optimism is the opposite of pessimism.

Warm Up 57


A) magic : children B) grass : house

C) armor : body D) faith : country


The Titanic wreckage was surveyed by Alvin, which is the oldest and most well-known deep-sea research vehicle.

Is this an appropriate use of an ellipsis? (no)

"The Titanic wreckage . . . is the oldest and most well-known deep-sea research vehicle." 

Identify the Allusion:

1. When your parents learn about your new plan to raise money, it's going to sink like the Titanic. 

2. Don't be a Scrooge

3. Potato chips are my diet's Achilles heel.

4. Many states have laws that protect Good Samaritan's. 

Warm Up 58
A) lawyer : mercy B) mother : children 
C) fool : wisdom D) soldier : power
Someone who is a liar lacks honesty. Someone who is a lacks 

A) wave : water B) tornado : clouds 
C) blizzard : snow D) desert : heat



Where would you insert dashes in this sentence:

Stargazing and comet tracking two of the oldest pastimes are not just for astronomers.

Stargazing--- and comet--- tracking two of the oldest pastimes are not just for astronomers.

Stargazing and comet tracking---two of the oldest pastimes--- are not just for astronomers.



Warm Up 59

The first Godzilla movie was made in Japan in 1954. The film was released in the United States two years later and was a huge hit there.

Is this an appropriate use of an ellipsis?

"The first Godzilla movie was made in Japan in 1954. The film . . . was a huge hit there."  

Active Voice or Passive Voice?

  1. The hamburger was eaten by the gentleman. 

  2. Lou changed the tire.

Interrogative Mood or Imperative Mood?

  1. Clean your room! 

  2. Should we go out to eat tonight?


Warm Up 60

Connotation/Denotation (Which is positive)?

  • Jim bought his girlfriend an inexpensive gift.

  • Jim bought his girlfriend a cheap gift.

In an argumentative writing, you are trying to __________ or __________ someone of your side or to do something. (persuade or convince) 

The best way to get someone to agree with you is to provide ______________ or ___________ (evidence or facts)

Personification, Onomatopoeia, Simile, or Metaphor?

  • Rita heard the last piece of pie calling her name.
  • The turtle is as slow as molasses. 
  • The dishes fell with a bang and crash!
  • Life is like a box of chocolates.


Warm Up 61
A) television : watch B) book : communicate 
C) movie : persuade D) game : entertain

Personification, Onomatopoeia, Simile, or Metaphor?

  1. He is a shining star.

  2. Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? Vroom! (90’s rapper Missy Elliott)

  3. Your explanation is as clear as mud.

  4. Money is the only friend that I can count on.

Warm up 62


Identify the Irony (Socratic, Situational, Dramatic, Verbal)

  1. A high school dropout becoming a medical doctor is an example of _______________________

  2. Seeing that drinks cost $11 each at the circus, Richard said,  “Oh, that’s it? Just eleven dollars? What a great deal for one cup of lemonade. That’s totally worth it.” The drink vendor rolled his eyes and helped the next customer.


Almost every major city in the world has a zoo. Humans have kept and enjoyed animals since prehistoric times. Ancient Greeks and Romans kept small zoos. Over the past fifty years, zoos have changed remarkably. Today zoos provide the animals with larger and more natural habitats.

Which sentence could be added to the passage as a specific supporting detail?

Zoos also provide great research facilities. ***

The Panda's food is the bamboo shoot.

You can reach the zoo in Sydney, Australia by ferry.

The Greeks and Romans had a variety of interesting hobbies.



Warm Up 63
A) clean : filthy B) angry : upset 
C) friendly : popular D) challenging : interesting

A) sin : immoral B) baby : wise
C) husband : rich D) nation : peaceful

A) mask : face B) belt : train 
C) ring : wrist D) slipper : ankle
A helmet is worn on the head. A _ is .

Positive connotation? guest, intruder

Negative connotation? mixed breed, mutt


Warm Up 64
A) salt : food B) fate : science 
C) gasoline : fuel D) sunrise : art
Sewing is a type of craft.

A) idea : true B) law : perfect 
C) villain : evil D) castle : unknown

Warm Up 65
A) prestigious : honor B) written : rhyme 
C) invisible : sight D) familiar : novelty

A) athlete : thin B) student : intelligent 
C) spy : friendly D) fanatic : enthusiastic

Positive, Negative, Neutral: 

Nosy, Interested, Questioning

Confident, Courageous, Conceited

Different, Unique, Peculiar


Main Idea Warm Up


When Heidi Transformed Televised Football

On November 17, 1968, football fans across the United States sat glued to their televisions. A close game between two top teams—the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders—was being broadcast. When the Jets pulled ahead with only fifty seconds remaining, viewers went wild. But then, just as the Raiders were bringing the ball across midfield, the game disappeared from the screen! In its place, a previously scheduled children's movie, Heidi, started playing. Callers flooded the TV network's phone lines, but it was too late. The Raiders scored two touchdowns in the very final moments—touchdowns that were unseen by all but West Coast viewers. As a result of the interrupted event, dubbed "the Heidi game," television networks began delaying their regularly scheduled programs until football games had ended.


What is the main idea of this passage?

After Heidi interrupted a crucial moment during a televised football game, the TV network received numerous calls from angry viewers who were unable to watch the final moments of the game. 

After Heidi interrupted a crucial moment during a televised football game, networks began to delay regularly scheduled shows until football games were over.


Q2 Exam Review Warm up

Find the main idea and supporting details in this paragraph (IXL K.3)

Yesterday, I got a new coat. My new coat has a blue hood and red sleeves. My coat is very fuzzy, so I stay very warm. The zipper of my coat is green. On the back, there is a picture of a snowman. I will wear my coat to school.

Q2 Exam Review Warm Up

Read the claim below.

Exercising outside is preferable to exercising in a gym.

Select the piece of evidence that best supports this claim.

People often exercise outside by walking, jogging, or riding a bike. OR People who exercise outside breathe fresh air and enjoy natural light.

Smartphones have made it harder for people to think clearly.

Since smartphones became popular, the average person's attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds OR Smartphones have enabled people to access any info they want to know, at any time, almost anywhere in the world. 

Q2 Exam Review Warm Up #3

Read the claim below.

Boxing should be banned as a professional sport.

Select the piece of evidence that best supports this claim.

boxing promotes discipline, promotes self esteem and encourages physical fitness OR Boxing glamorizes aggression and physical violence against other people. 

Read the claim below.

Americans are obsessed with good health.

Select the piece of evidence that best supports this claim.

In 2010, Americans spent a combined $28 billion on vitamins and other health supplements OR Less than a quarter of Americans who own a gym membership actually use the gym on a regular basis. 

Q2 Exam Review Warm up #4


Read the claim below. Select the piece of evidence that best supports this claim.

Parents should not post pictures and videos of their children online.

  1. In a recent poll, 90% of young adults surveyed said they use social media every day. 

  2. Like anyone else, a child has a fundamental right to privacy and security.

Determine the type of Irony

A character stepping out into a hurricane and saying, “What nice weather we’re having!”

Active or Passive Voice?

Skyler Mack broke quarantine in the Cayman Islands.

Which Mood?

Quarantine for 14 days when you arrive in the Cayman Islands.



Warm Up #66
Subject-Verb Agreement
Find the subject and verb in the following sentences.
1. Karen went to the mall.
2. Carl didn't help his dad.
3. Mom cooks breakfast every morning.
4. I want a new bike for Christmas.
5. Ann has had a new baby girl.

Warm Up 67
Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb

Sometimes a sentence can have two or more verbs called a compound verb. A compound verb is joined by either a co-ordinate conjunction or a correlative conjunction. Example: The bell rang and rang.
Find the subject, verb/verbs, and conjunctions in these sentences.
1. Carl listened carefully but heard nothing.
2. The car raced down the road and hit a tree.
3. The audience stood and cheered the performance.
4. The men caught, cooked, and ate the fish.
5. Sue either has done the job or will do it now.

Warm Up 68
Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb
The subject of the sentence can also be compound. Example: The bell and siren rang.
Find the subject, verb, and conjunctions in these sentences.
1. Barbara, Ann, and Jeanne came home for the holidays.
2. Either Jim or Jeff will move to the new apartment.
3. Both Pam and her husband love the new baby.
4. You, Joe, and I are in the new play.
5. Mom or Dad will be gone by morning.

Warm Up 69
Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb
Both the subject and the verb can be compound. Example: The bell and the siren rang and rang.
Find the subject, verb and conjunctions in these sentences.
1. The boys and the girls ran and played in the field.
2. She and I stopped and stared at the sight.
3. Both the team and the coach jumped up and yelled with the last out.
4. Jeff, Jed, and Jim will be in school or will be home in bed.
5. Where have Jay and Eric been swimming and hiking?




Root word warm up #1

Identify the root word/meaning:

  • Act : move or do (actor, acting, reenact)
  • Astro: star (astronaut, astronomy, astrophysics)
  • Aud: hear (audience, audible, audio)
  • Auto: self (autonomy, autocrat, automatic)
  • Phobia: fear (arachnophobia, claustrophobia, hygrophobia)


Root word warm up #2

Identify the root word/meaning:

  • The word jurisdiction contains the root jur. What does the root jur mean?

  • The word millimeter contains the root mille. What does the root mille mean?

  • The words benefactor and beneficial contain the root bene. What does the root bene mean? 

  • The words corpse and corporal contain the root corp. What does the root corp mean? 

  • The words credential and credible contain the root cred. What does the root cred mean?  


Root word warm up #3

Identify the root word/meaning:

  • Identify the root word/meaning:

  • The words kilometer, millimeter, pedometer contain the root meter. What does the root METER mean?

  • The words microbiology, microscope contain the root micro. What does the root MICRO mean? small

  • The words abnormal, normality, paranormal contain the norm meter. What does the NORM meter mean? typical

  • The words senator, senile, senior contain the root sen. What does the root SEN mean? old

  • The words telephone, telegraph, television contain the root tele. What does the root TELE mean? far


Prefix/Suffix Warm up #1

The word semicircle contains the root semi. What does the root semi mean?

  1. One-half            c. many

  2. Bend/curve        d. four

The word decagon contains the root dec. What does the root dec mean?

  1. Ten                     c. one hundred

  2. Bend/curve        d. shape

Now, take the prefix and add it to the correct suffix

Prefixes                           Suffixes           Word:

Un                                 possible

Hope                               ness

Im                                able


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #2

Prefixes           Suffixes           Word:

Mad                   happy

Dis                     ness

Slow                   ful

Un                      er

Do                      like


The root bene means good. What does the word benevolent mean?

1. hostile and violent

2. social and interactive

3. charitable or generous

The root min means small. What does the word diminish mean?

1. to surrender or relinquish

2. to reduce in importance or size

3. to copy or recreate


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #3

The root puls means drive or push. What does the word repulsive mean?

1. causing others to move or stay away

2. cooperating on a group activity

3. expecting a reward for good or generous behavior


The root pens means weigh out or distribute. What does the word compensation mean?

1. money or reward given for a service or a loss

2. time spent volunteering for a good cause

3. harm or injury due to sloppiness or shortsidedness


The root cred means trust or believe. What does the word incredulous mean?

  1. unwilling to accept something as true
  2. unwilling to do harm to others
  3. unwilling to give something away


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #4

Read the passage. Identify the root in each underlined word. 

Our car was proceeding along the highway when we heard the forecaset. The weather had been mixed all day, and now we knew that the intermittent rains were the precursor to a big storm. The station resumed its programming, but soon the announcer interjected another warning. My brother, who was driving, was a proponent of going home, but my sister Lexy wanted to continue. We needed an intervention, so I used my cellphone to call my mom. 


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #5

My mom told us that the trajectory of the storm had changed and the river might overflow. The prefix tra- means "across," the root ject means "throw," and the suffix -ory means "a place where." What is the meaning of trajectory as used in the sentence?

1.the time when something important begins

2. the type

3. the path something takes as it moves over

4. the size and shape

Lexy could be tenacious, but my mother's news put an end to all discussion. The root ten means "hold" and the suffix -ious means "characterized by." What is the meaning of tenacious as used in the sentences?

a. stubborn   b. talkative    c. cranky    d. bossy


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #6

We subsequently turned the car around  and returned home. The prefix sub- means "under or after" and the root sequ means "follow." What is the meaning of subseqently as used in the sentence?

a. slowly but surely    b. immediately after   c. completely    d. eventually 

After the huge storm, everyone wondered how long it would take the floodwaters to recede. The prefix re- means "back", and the root cede means "go." What is the meaning of recede as used in the sentence? 

a. flow over   b. rise higher   c. remain stable    d. withdraw from 


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #5

My mom told us that the trajectory of the storm had changed and the river might overflow. The prefix tra- means "across," the root ject means "throw," and the suffix -ory means "a place where." What is the meaning of trajectory as used in the sentence?

1.the time when something important begins

2. the type

3. the path something takes as it moves over

4. the size and shape

Lexy could be tenacious, but my mother's news put an end to all discussion. The root ten means "hold" and the suffix -ious means "characterized by." What is the meaning of tenacious as used in the sentences?

a. stubborn   b. talkative    c. cranky    d. bossy


Prefix/Suffix Warm Up #6

We subsequently turned the car around  and returned home. The prefix sub- means "under or after" and the root sequ means "follow." What is the meaning of subseqently as used in the sentence?

a. slowly but surely    b. immediately after   c. completely    d. eventually 

After the huge storm, everyone wondered how long it would take the floodwaters to recede. The prefix re- means "back", and the root cede means "go." What is the meaning of recede as used in the sentence? 

a. flow over   b. rise higher   c. remain stable    d. withdraw from 


Warm Up 70
Parts of the Sentence - Subject/Verb
Find the subjects, verbs, interjections, introductory there, and conjunctions in the following sentences. Remember that subjects and verbs can be compound.
1. There were no pies, cakes or cookies on the shelves.
2. Oh, neither Jane nor Tarzan would return to civilization.
3. Barbara and her friends sat on the floor, ate goodies, and listened to records.
4. The brothers swam, fished, and rowed the boat on their vacation.
5. Wow, this lesson is hard but was fun.

Warm Up 71

Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.

Bottom of Form

1. Annie and her brothers (is, are) at school.

2. Either my mother or my father (is, are) coming to the meeting.

3. The dog or the cats (is, are) outside.

4. Either my shoes or your coat (is, are) always on the floor.

5. George and Tamara (doesn't, don't) want to see that movie.

Warm Up 72
Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.

  1. Benito (doesn't, don't) know the answer.
  2. One of my sisters (is, are) going on a trip to France.
  3. The man with all the birds (live, lives) on my street.
  4. The movie, including all the previews, (take, takes) about two hours to watch.
  5. The players, as well as the captain, (want, wants) to win.

Warm Up 73

  1. Either answer (is, are) acceptable.
  2. Every one of those books (is, are) fiction.
  3. (Is, Are) the news on at five or six?
  4. Mathematics (is, are) John's favorite subject, while
  5. Civics (is, are) Andrea's favorite subject.

Warm Up 74
Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.

  1. Eight dollars (is, are) the price of a movie these days.
  2. (Is, Are) the tweezers in this drawer?
  3. Your pants (is, are) at the cleaner's.
  4. There (was, were) fifteen candies in that bag. Now there (is, are) only one left!
  5. The committee (debates, debate) these questions carefully.


Warm Up 75
Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.
The committee (leads, lead) very different lives in private.
The Prime Minister, together with his wife, (greets, greet) the press cordially.
All of the CDs, even the scratched one, (is, are) in this case.
Sugar and flour (is, are) needed for the recipe.
Neither my dad nor my brothers (know, knows) how to ski.

Warm Up (review for Unbroken Unit Test)

Figurative Language Review - Identify the type of figurative language in the sentences:

  1. Sally swears she saw Santa.

  2. “The ship passed over Nuremberg and Adolf Hitler, then flew east of Frankfurt, where a Jewish woman named Edith Frank was caring for her newborn, a girl named Anne.”

  3. Shine bright like a diamond.

  4. I called you a million times and you wouldn’t take my call!




Warm Up 76
Decide if the following sentences are written in active voice or passive voice.
Harry ate six shrimp at dinner. 
The savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes. 
The flat tire was changed by Sue. 
We are going to watch a movie tonight. 
The obstacle course was run by me in record time.

Warm Up 77
Decide if the following sentences are written in passive voice or active voice.

The entire stretch of highway was paved by the crew. 
Mom read the novel in one day.
The critic wrote a scathing review. 
A scathing review was written by the critic. 
The staff is required to watch a safety video every year.

Warm Up 78
Determine if the sentences below are written in active voice or passive voice. 
Tom painted the entire house. 
The students’ questions are always answered by the teacher. 
The choir really enjoys that piece. 
Who taught you to ski?
By whom were you taught to ski?


Asks a question

Is a statement

A wish

If this, then that

A command


Warm Up 79
Tell if the sentences below are written in active or passive voice.
The two kings are signing the treaty. 
Every night the office is vacuumed and dusted by the cleaning crew. 
Money was generously donated to the homeless shelter by Larry. 
No one responded to my sales ad. 
My sales ad was not responded to by anyone.



Unbroken Warm Up (Chapters 11-14)

1. What did Louis use to catch fish (from Chapter 14 reading)?

2. How did the military inform the families of the missing service members that they were lost at sea?

3.  What was the name of the plane Louis/Phil were flying that crashed?

4. Would you describe Mac as a static or dynamic character? 

5. Louis saw the insignia of the 42nd squadron on the Daisy Mae as it flew over them/searched for them. What does insignia mean?


#80 Write a Synonym and Antonym for each word. Use the words from the word bank.

  • Construct
  • Different
  • Sob
  • Dry
  • False
  • Destroy
  • Factual
  • Moist
  • Laugh
  • Similar

Word Synonym Antonym


Write a Synonym and Antonym for each word. 
Use the words from the word bank.
Difficult, Healthy, Rich, Full, Cowardly, Easy, Ill, Poor, Daring, Famished
Word Synonym Antonym


Warm Up 82

Read the sentence below. Write an antonym from the word box for each underlined words.
My room looks very messy.
The concert was loud.
The cup is completely empty.
Everyone was sitting in the audience. 
Word Bank: Fast, neat, tall, full, asleep, comfortable, standing, out, never, young, quiet, responsible


Warm Up 83

Read the sentences below and write the antonym for the underlined word. Use the word bank.
Word Bank: Fast, neat, tall, full, asleep, comfortable, standing, out, never, young, quiet, responsible
The short basketball player went for the rebound.
We were uncomfortable at the sporting event.
We looked in the market for groceries.
You always were prepared for school.



Warm Up 84

Read the sentences below and write the antonym for the underlined word. Use the word bank.
Word Bank: Full, asleep, foolish, standing, out, unaware, young, quiet, responsible

The elderly man had a lot of fight in him.
The engineering student was astute.
The leaders were reckless with their power.
I stayed alert during the earthquake.

Dr. Seuss' birthday warm up (March 2)

The beloved children's book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss turned ___ years old on Aug. 11, 2020.

  1. 20 b. 30 c. 50 d. 60


In 2021, Dr. Seuss himself would have been ________ years old. 

  1. 100 b.  115 c. 117 d. 135


 His debut book was rejected ________ times before it finally went to the printing press.

  1. 10 b. 27 c. 100 d. 50


Seuss is credited with inventing the word "______." It first appeared in If I Ran the Zoo in 1950.

  1. Nerd b. Loser c. wacky d. tacky


Seuss had a licence plate that says "_________".

Sam I Am b. Grinch c. Green Eggs & Ham d. Cindy Lou

Warm Up 85

Pick the word that most closely matches the underlined word.
1. While she was indifferent to golf, her husband was an avid fan.
a. Boring
b. Likeable
c. Eager
d. Pleasant

2. I thought it was a fresh idea, but the teacher thought it was trite.
a. Special
b. Loud
c. Happy
d. Common

3. Stacy was suspicious when the clown handed them the box, but her gullible little brother opened it anyway.
A. Trusting
b. Sad
c. Doomed
d. Careful

4. While Parker is very outgoing, his little sister is reclusive.
A. Withdrawn
b. Athletic
c. Popular
d. Hungry


Warm up 86 - antonym
1. The woman abhorred cleaning house, but she loved a spotless home.
a. often
b. demanded
c. enjoyed
d. hated

2. Chuckie is adept with crossword puzzles
a. miserable
b. skilled
c. close
d. bored

3. Instead of grimace, Cameron had a big smile across her face.
a. grin
b. hat
c. frown
d. mask

4. Callie was an agile dancer, although her partner was quite clumsy.
a. quiet
b. nimble
d. stiff


Warm up 87
The best synonym for
1. Suspicious
a. trusting
b. strict
c. disbelief
d. lie

2. Fragile
a. heavy
b. breakable
c. harsh
d. bold

3. Recall
a. remember
b. restore
c. remake
d. try again

4. Esteem
a. carefree
b. harmony
c. admiration
d. encircle


Warm Up 88 - Synonyms
1 messy
a. extemporaneous
b. preamble
c. rigged
d. slipshod

2. Terrible
a. cringe
b. horrendous
c. acclaim
d. beautiful

3. Remainder
a. angle
b. charge
c. balance
d. life

4. Blunt
a. extemporaneous
b. preamble
c. rugged
d. skeptical



Warm UP 89

1. no we haven’t never drove to lake superior for the fourth of july mr stein says last monday 
2. when i shaked the paper weight a shower of snow fell
3. we went to there house at 124 greenway boulevard but they had already leaved for the south 
4. the fairfield news announced that governor soto would speak on Television at 730 PM

Warm Up 90

1. it was overcast and drizzly we decided not to go to hampton beach 
2. because they enjoyed fishing in the mississippi river this year they plan to return to the mississippi river next year
3. i knowed i would receive these gifts for my birthday a sweatshirt a calculator and a skateboard 
4. preparing our dinner the smell of the chicken made dad hungry

Warm Up 91

Correct any errors in the following sentences:
1. the man at the door taking tickets shouted get away from that car
2. in march them students will read the short story a visit of charity which was wrote in the twentieth century
3. : other autobiography : self
4. a movie actor : physicist : Nobel Prize


Warm Up 92 - Analogies

Wary: Cautious; Weary:

___ : upper : : inferior:superior

_: solo : : actor: monologue

_: donkey : : Republican : elephant

Warm Up 93 - Analogies
Tractor: pulling : : sports car: _ 
Biologist: microscope : : _: telescope 
Spectrum: colors : : Alphabet: 
: brought : : wake: woke



Q3 Exam Review Warm Up #1

Identify the text structure:

When Tim woke up, he didn’t want to go to school. His mom took him anyway. So, he went to school, but he didn’t do any work. The days passed, and Tim still didn’t do any work. Mr. Morton called Tim’s house, but Tim still wouldn’t do any work. Finally the report cards came out, and Tim failed his classes. Tim was sad. (chronological) 

There are two popular sports played at Ericson, basketball and volleyball. Both take place inside of the gym at Ericson. Also, each sport has two teams of people. In basketball, however, the ball can be played off of the floor, and in volleyball, the ball cannot touch the floor or it is out of play. Basketball and volleyball are popular sports at Ericson (compare contrast)

Did you know that the way you take care of your lawn can affect the watershed? Many people use pesticides and herbicides to kill insects and weeds. These chemicals can run off into streams and rivers, harming plants and animals. (cause and effect)


Q3 Exam Review Warm Up #2

Identify the text structure:

Streams face many problems. Chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and oil can wash into the stream during storms. Dirt and debris from construction sites and bare ground cause problems too. But there is a solution. A riparian buffer zone, or an area of trees and shrubs along a waterway, can dramatically improve water quality. (problem solution) 

 Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. (Chronological)

When you walk into her bedroom there is a window facing you.  To the right of that is a dresser and television and on the other side of the window is her  bed. (descriptive/spatial)


Q3 Exam Review Warm Up #3

In an essay regarding Title 1 (or low-income) schools offering continued assistance and resources for students, which sentence below would serve as the best Thesis Statement?

Schools should hold parents accountable for providing supplies and resources to their low-income students.

Schools should provide educational resources for low-income students during the summers so that they don't forget what they've learned throughout the school year.

Schools should provide educational resources for low-income students only during the school year.


In an essay regarding the importance of public libraries, which sentence below would serve as the best Thesis Statement?

Libraries are essential resources for communities and should be funded more heavily by local municipalities.

Libraries aren’t viewed as important resources for communities or families anymore, so funding should be restricted or cut.

Libraries are important to communities and local families should provide funding to help cover the operating costs.


Warm Up 95 - Analogies

Why should you be careful about using Wikipedia as a credible source?

  1. References for the information are not listed on the website.
  2. Users can leave comments about the information on the site.
  3. Entries can be written by any anonymous person.
  4. Information can be used by anyone without proper citation.


Warm Up 96

Silo: grain : : : gas 
Manicure: fingernails : : _: toenails
_: map : : Pronunciation key: dictionary
_: forest : : grass: prairie

Warm Up 97 - Analogies
Alteration : _ :: revision: novel 
: swift : : scarce : rare
Loaf : slices : : book :
Room: house : : : garden


Warm Up 98

Warm Up 98 - Analogies
vault: : artifacts: museum 
Club: members : : _ : pearl 
Flamingo : : :cardinal : red 
Octagon : _ : : Pentagon : 108 degrees

Q3 Exam Review - Verb Mood
Atlanta is the capital of Georgia (Indicative)
Clean your room now (imperative)
If only I were at the beach right now. (subjunctive)

Review - Anne Frank
What items did Anne give her loved ones for Hanukkah?
Dussel - 
Margot - 
Dad - 
Dussel - 
Mrs. Van Daan - 
Peter Van Daan - 
Mr. Van Daan -



Poetry Warm Up 1

Neither Out Far nor in Deep (By  Robert Frost)

The people along the sand       

All turn and look one way.                                                                                  

They turn their back on the land.                                                                        

They look at the sea all day. 

What type of rhyme scheme is this poem an example of?  


Poetry Warm Up 2

Identify the Rhyme Scheme in the excerpt below:

And looking back along the past

We know we needed all the strain

Of fear and doubt and strife and pain

To make us value peace, at last


Poetry Warm Up 3

Identify the Rhyme Scheme in the excerpt below:

Last night I heard your voice, Mother

The words you sang to me

When I, a little barefoot boy

Knelt down against your knee


Poetry Warm Up 4

Into our town the hangman came,

Smelling of gold and blood and flame

And he paced our bricks with a different air,

And built his frame on the courthouse square.


Poetry Warm Up 5

Identify the rhyme scheme and the figurative language used in this poem (5x)




What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

like a raisin in the sun?

Or fester like a sore—

And then run?

Does it stink like rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over—

like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags

like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?


Warm Up 99 - Onomatopoeia
Identify the onomatopoeia from the example given.

  1. The sheep went, “Baa.”
  2. The best part about music class is that you can bang on the drum.
  3. It is not unusual for a dog to bark when visitors arrive.
  4. Silence your cellphone so that it does not beep during the movie.
  5. Dad released a belch from the pit of his stomach.
  6. Identify the Personification from the examples below:

  7. The clouds were playing in the sky.

  8. The car engine coughed in the early morning.

  9. The leaves raced to the ground.

Warm Up 100 - Onomatopoeia

  1. The bridge collapsed creating a tremendous boom.
  2. The large dog said, “Bow-wow!”
  3. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night?
  4. My brother can burp the alphabet.
  5. Both bees and buzzers buzz.
  6. Identify the Hyperbole

  7. The puppy had ears a mile long

  8. I want to sleep a hundred years.

  9. Identify the Simile

  10. Her voice rang clear like a bell.

  11. The trees are puffy like cotton.

Warm Up 101 - Onomatopoeia

  1. The cash register popped open with a heart warming ca-ching.
  2. The bird’s chirp filled the empty night air.
  3. Her heels clacked on the hardwood floor.
  4. The clanging pots and pans awoke the baby.
  5. If you want the red team to win, clap your hands right now!

  6. Identify the Metaphor

    Friendship is golden

    Life is a highway.

    Identify the Alliteration 

    The trees swayed shyly in the summer breeze.

    Come and close your closet.


warm up 102

  1. The cadets swelled with pride when they heard the clash of the cymbals at their graduation ceremony.
  2. The dishes fell to the floor with a clatter.
  3. Nothing annoys me more than rapidly clicking your pen.
  4. The bride and groom were not surprised to hear the familiar sound of clinking glasses.
  5. The horse’s hooves clip-clopped on the cobblestones.

    Identify the Hyperbole

    This is the worst day of my life.

    I almost died of embarrassment.

    She’s as old as the hills.

    Identify the Oxymoron

    I was clearly confused by her statement.

    My first year of teaching there was deafening silence when the kids wouldn’t talk to me.

Warm up 103

Identify the personification from the example given.

  1. 1. Lightning danced across the sky.
  2. 2. The wind howled in the night.
  3. 3. The car complained as the key was turned.
  4. 4. Rita heard the last piece of pie calling her name.
  5. 5. My alarm clock yells at me every morning.

Warm up 104

  1. 1. The avalanche devoured anything standing in its way.
  2. 2. Traffic slowed to a crawl.
  3. 3. The door protested as it opened slowly.
  4. 4. My house is a friend who protects me.
  5. 5. The moon played hide and seek with the clouds.

warm up 105


  1. 1. That book was so popular, it flew off the shelves.
  2. 2. My car’s headlights winked at me.
  3. 3. She is so beautiful the camera loves her.
  4. 4. The stairs groaned as we walked on them.
  5. 5. Winter’s icy grip caused people to shudder.

Warm Up 106 - Personification

  1. 1. Our vacuum hums a happy tune while it cleans.
  2. 2. You need to cross over at the mouth of the river.
  3. 3. Time flies and waits for no one.
  4. 4. My flowers were begging for water.
  5. 5. The ivy wove its fingers around the fence.

Milestones Warm Up 1


Selected-Response  (a)

A student is writing an informational essay about the International Space Station (ISS). The student’s central idea focuses on how astronauts who live and work on the ISS are learning valuable information that benefits people on Earth. 

Which information should the student include in her essay to BEST help the reader understand the topic? 

A. a list of specific examples of how research on the ISS has improved life on Earth 

B. a map that highlights the different countries that were involved in building the ISS 

C. a diagram that shows the total distance between the ISS and Earth 

D. a photograph of an astronaut’s living quarters on the ISS

Milestones Warm Up 2 (d)


Selected-Response Read the paragraph from a student’s narrative. “Have fun on your field trip, Alma! You may want to pack an umbrella.” My dad’s last-minute advice repeated in my head. I wished I had taken his advice, but I never expected to encounter a drenching downpour of rain during the school hiking trip. Yet here I was, soaked to the bone and unable to see more than a few steps in front of me on the nature trail. For only a moment, I lost sight of the trail guide and my group, but it was enough time to make my stomach somersault with worry. Calmly, I stopped and peered intently through the wall of rain, straining to see someone ahead of me. I saw the orange vest of the guide. What a relief! I raced forward, and when I reached Josie in the back of the group, I grabbed her hand and vowed not to let go until the rain stopped. Which revision of the underlined sentence is the BEST way to add more sensory language to the paragraph? A. I noticed something orange, maybe the trail guide’s vest, moving ahead of me. B. Through the falling rain, I caught a glimpse of bright orange ahead of me. C. A little farther down the trail, I thought I recognized the trail guide wearing orange in the distance. D. Suddenly a flash appeared, and I realized it was the guide’s neon-orange vest glowing through the rain.

Milestones Warm Up 3 (c)

Selected-Response Read the paragraph from a student’s report. 1 Amateur chefs seeking to create the perfect omelet or bake a delicious cookie often turn to online recipes or cooking shows for tips on food preparation. 2 Some, though, are taking their cooking skills to a new level by enrolling in science classes. 3 In these classes, people can learn important scientific principles that help them become better chefs. 4 They learn, for example, how mechanical agitation can cause proteins to denature. 5 Additionally, they may learn about the chemical changes that occur when heat is applied to eggs, dairy products, and various types of cooking oils. What should the student do to make the paragraph clearer for the audience while still maintaining the purpose of the report? A. Include a recipe for the cookies described in sentence 1. B. List other reasons a student may take a chemistry class in sentence 2. C. Define and explain the unfamiliar terms included in sentence 4. D. Describe where chefs can purchase the ingredients listed in sentence 5.

Milestones Warm Up 4



Genevieve is working on a research paper. She is interested in the topic of plants that have healing properties. She needs to focus her research more specifically. Which question is BEST for the purpose of focusing her research?  (b)

A. How have plants been used for medicine throughout history? 

B. How has one type of plant been used as medicine? 

C. How can people create recipes that use healthy plants in their diets? 

D. How have the health benefits of plants been used to sell products?



Milestones Warm Up 5

Selected-Response Which sentence is the BEST way to revise the underlined sentence so that the paragraph is consistently written in the active voice?

We spent many of our summers on the Georgia Sea Islands. The music played by the residents there was inspiring. I would give anything to play that well.

A. The music was played by residents, and it was inspiring. B. Music was played that was inspired by the residents. C. Inspiring music was played by the residents. D. The residents played inspiring music.



Milestones Warm Up 6


What is the function of the underlined word in the sentence? 

Reading is my favorite way to spend a quiet afternoon. (b)

A. adjective B. noun C. preposition D. verb


Milestones Warm Up 7


Selected-Response Read the sentence. 

The Harlem Renaissance an important period of artistic expression allowed for great cultural expression. Which revision shows the correct use of commas to indicate a pause? 

A. The Harlem Renaissance, an important period, of artistic expression allowed for great cultural expression. 

B. The Harlem Renaissance an important period of, artistic expression, allowed for great cultural expression. C. The Harlem Renaissance an important period of artistic expression, allowed for great, cultural expression. D. The Harlem Renaissance, an important period of artistic expression, allowed for great cultural expression.


Milestones Warm Up 8


Which underlined word contains a spelling error? 

His facial reaction was quite quizical in nature.


Warm Up 107 - Hyperbole

  • My grandmother is as old as the hills.
  • Your suitcase weighs a ton!
  • She is as heavy as an elephant!
  • I am dying of shame.
  • I am trying to solve a million issues these days

warm up 108

  • Your mama is so old her social security number is 1.
  • “I’ve told you a million times”
  • “It was so cold, I saw polar bears wearing jackets”
  • “She is so dumb, she thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company”
  • I had to walk 15 miles to school in the snow, uphill.

warm up 109

Warm Up 109 - Hyperbole

  • I had a ton of homework.
  • If I can’t buy that new game, I will die.
  • He is as skinny as a toothpick.
  • This car goes faster than the speed of light.
  • That new car costs a bazillion dollars.

warm up 110

She is a walking dictionary.
2. The melody is a balm to my soul.
3. He is as tall as a giraffe.
4. She is as pretty as a rose.
5. My Mom is a teddy bear.

Metaphor or Simile?
1. She is a walking dictionary. 2. The melody is a balm to my soul. 

3. He is as tall as a giraffe. 4. She is as pretty as a rose. 

Identify the Figurative Language from the sentences below:

Sally sings a song so beautiful and soulful. We are alone together. 

My alarm clock yells at me every morning. The explosion went “BOOM!”


Milestones Review
2 independent clauses and 1 dependent clause
What are the 3 ways to punctuate a compound sentence? 
Type of conflict? A character fighting city hall/local officials
Type of voice that shows the subject doing the action.
This punctuation is used in time and to set up a list


Warm Up 111
Read the sentence below and determine if the sentence is a metaphor or simile. Put M for metaphor and S for Simile.
1. She is sunshine, brightening our day
2. My dog is as smelly as dirty socks.
3. A blank page is a playground for imagination.
4. He is as busy as a bee.
5. His cotton candy words did not appeal to her taste.

warm up 112

Read the sentence below and determine if the sentence is a metaphor or simile. Put M for metaphor and S for Simile.
1. He's as blind as a bat 
2. The world is a stage. 
3. I'm as sick as a dog.
4. You are my sunshine. 
5. My new lotion makes my hands as smooth as silk.

warm up 113

Read the sentence below and determine if the sentence is a metaphor or simile. Put M for metaphor and S for Simile.
1. They are as poor as dirt. 
2. He is a pig! 
3. Her heart is gold. 
4. His eyes sparkle like sunshine.
5. My pillow is a soft cloud, floating me off to sleep.

warm up 114

1. Hear the mellow wedding bells. 
2. Sally had a smile that rivaled that of Mona Lisa. 
3. Her brain is the size of a pea. 
4. My dog is as smelly as dirty socks. 
5. "The silence that asked, "Who will be next to leave us?"' - A Long Way Gone

warm up 115

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion

1. Life is a journey. 
2. My bookbag weighs a ton. 
3. The ball whizzed through the air. 
4. The bird sang a beautiful song. 
5. Noah has the heart of a lion

warm up 116

2. These shoes are killing me!
3. He was as angry as a grizzly bear.
4. Harriet Tubman was called the Moses of her time.
5. Page's pink polish pours profusely.


Warm up 117

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion

1. On a proud, round cloud. 
2. She say Sally speak silently. 
3. Life is a roller coaster. 
4.The frog's eyes sparkled like diamonds. 
5. You are the apple of my eye

Warm Up 118

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion
1. She's as pretty as her mother once was. 
2. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. 
3. He's a real Sherlock Holmes. 
4. Parker picked peppers with Papaw. 
5. That cat sat back.

warm up 119

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion
1. She will sail slowly into the sea. 
2. The trees waved goodbye to us. 
3. Boom! The glass table exploded when she fell on it. 
4. Man, Steve is a real Hercules! 
5.I can't pass the test. I tried 1,000 times!


Warm up 120

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion
1. I nearly died laughing! 
2. The job fair was a circus. 
3. The dog said, "Woof!" 
4. I'm sitting on top of the world! 
5. Mary must use her muscles to move that mountain.


Warm Up 121

Name the figurative language: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Alliteration, Assonance, Allusion
1. Clap your hands and stamp your feet. 
2. I spilled juice on the carpet and Mom's going to kill me! 
3. The flame of the candle danced in the dark. 
4. Don't beep that horn again! 
5. Crawl like a creepy crawly caterpillar.

Warm Up 122

Determine which type of figurative language is being used in each sentence.

1. The tree danced in the wind.
2. His shirt is as black as night.
3. The books fell off of the shelf with a loud boom.
4. He is a bear when it’s lunch time.
5. Her eyes are as blue as the sky.

Warm Up 123

Simile or Metaphor?
1. She is a butterfly when she dances.2. His big doe eyes got him another cookie from his parents.3. The dog is as fast as a rocket.4. The flashlight was as bright as the sun.5. The hospital was a refrigerator.

Warm up 124

Simile or Metaphor1. Life is a roller coaster.2. He is as brave as a lion.3. He is a shining star.4. He is as fit as a fiddle.5. Tom's eyes were icy.

Answers: M, S, M, S, M

Warm Up 125

Figurative Language1. Lightning danced across the sky.2. Sally sold seashells by the seashore.3. The bees went buzzing by.4.My alarm clock yells at me every morning.5. The clanging pots awoke the baby.



Exam Review - Q4


1. A group of 6 lines of verse in a poem is a __________

2. A Japanese poem with 5 lines is a ___________

3. The narrator of Green Angel and Green Witch ______________

4. In public speaking you should consider your _________ (who you are speaking to)

5. A group of lines in a poem that form a single unit is called _____


Exam Reivew - Q4 #2



Exam Review - ALWG Warm Up
1. Years covered in novel?
2. Why didn’t the old man want to tell the boys his name?
3. Beah dreams of whose body being pushed in a wheelbarrow?
4. True or False? Ishmael and his friends form a rap group.
5. When the boys are farming in Kamator, what are they called? (hint: 2 words)

ALWG Warm Up 1
Benin House city
Capital city
His grandmother's hometown/city? _
What saves Ishmael and his group more than once during the story? _

Sierra Leone
Kissy Town
Mattru Jong
Rap Music


ALWG Warm Up 2
Nurse that becomes his "temporary sister"
American storyteller who eventually becomes his "adoptive mother" _
Ishmael's friend that dies in chapter 10? 
Ishmael's nickname during the war __
Laura Simms
Green Snake


ALWG Warm Up 3
Name of Ishmael's oldest cousin (they go to the pub together)
What does Esther buy Ishmael?
What was the first weapon given to Ishmael?
What happens to Ishmael's family?
Whom does he blame for not reaching his family?
Walkman and cassette tapes
burned village (rebels attack)


ALWG Warm Up 4
What does the word "repatriated" mean?
A. To return to the war zone
B. To be released from jail and put in rehab.
C. To be reunited with your family.
D. To return to one’s country or to be assimilated back into society.
What was Ishmael's motto (during the war)?
True or False. Uncle Tommy told his wife and children all about Ishmael's background (as a child soldier) before he came to live with them.
What did Ishmael call the MP's?
Kill or be Killed
City Soldiers or Sissy Soldiers


Anne Frank Warm Up 1
Rewrite making grammatical corrections.

On June 14 1942 thirteen-year-old Anne Frank begun a diary in which she recorded her hopes thoughts and dreams.

Anne's diary became the basis of Frances Goodrich's and Albert Hackett's play, The Diary of Anne Frank

The play gives the tragedy of war a human face and voice, Anne Frank's.

8 people were crammed into a tiny apartment, forced into hideing by the Nazi threat.


Q4 Exam Review Warm Up

  1. What’s the setting of Green Angel and Green Witch?
  2. Who is the author of Green Angel and Green Witch?
  3. This type of poem has no strict pattern. It’s up to the poet to write whatever he/she wants
  4. A group of lines in a poem are called this (kind of like a paragraph in an essay)
  5. A sonnet is a 14 line poem made famous by whom?