Supply List


FORT BEND ISD - 2009-2010

Listed below is the general school supply list for all students attending Fort Bend elementary schools. Please consult your child’s campus for any specific details pertaining to his/her grade. Please note a few items on this list may need to be replenished mid-school year. Personal belongings should always be labeled.

Fourth Grade

24 #2 standard pencils

1 box of crayons (24)

1 box Crayola markers (standard/washable)

2 red checking pencils

1 box map coloring pencils

1 pencil sharpener with cover

1 yellow highlighter

1 pink pearl eraser

2 large glue sticks

1 bottle of Elmer's school glue

1 pair of Fiskar metal pointed scissors

1 12” ruler marked inches and cm

4 spiral notebooks

4 hard cover composition books

2 packages notebook paper, wide rule

6 pocket folders with brads (all different SOLID colors please)

1 set of dividers

1 3 ring binder

1 box freezer Ziplock bags (quart or gallon)

2 large boxes of facial tissue

1 hand sanitizer