Mommy & Me Program

Sally & Adam

Vision: Provide an academic-based Montessori environment in the traditional sense but one which also includes parent involvement. Each mother is asked to spend the first and last 15 minutes of the session with their child or at another time which would add up to 20% of the three to twelve days of attendence.  This daily time can be spent prepping your little one for the day by directing them in hanging up their outer wear, going potty, washing their hands and engaging them at the beginning of their “work” period.  Use the end of the session to spend time viewing and talking about what your child has done that day and socializing with the other mommies and children.   My goal is to make the school environment a familiar place for both mommy and child so that there is a feeling of connectedness emotionally and academically.  My desire is that this exposure will encourage the practice of the Montessori principles at home.

Maintaining bonds and growing independence are both important for mothers and children. Your participation is necessary in keeping with the rules regarding coops and doing so keeps the tuition low.  Advantageous to all is the sharing of your time, knowledge, talents …”It takes a village”!  

 I’ve been involved in many endeavors in my life but nothing has been more rewarding than working with children in a Montessori setting.  As an experienced mother and teacher, I strive to provide a nurturing environment and kindly discipline, along with the opportunity to learn with an extensive set of Montessori equipment to prep them, not just for school, but along with you, for living a happy and balanced life.  It is a joy to see children learn the Montessori way! 

You are more than welcome to call to arrange a visit to experience for yourselves the possibilities!