What Do You Need Yoga Insurance Cover for?

Yoga seems to be a gentle sport and the event of accidents and injuries seem unlikely. Nevertheless, they do take place.

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), the number of yoga-related injuries treated in hospitals has doubled in the past five years. They reported that a shocking 5,000 injuries from yoga-related sources are recorded every year.

This is quite strange considering the nature of yoga. And it proves the fact that even though yoga seems to be a sport that should not record accidents and injuries, they still happen.

No matter your expertise as a yoga instructor and how much you educate your students to be aware of the disposition of their body, you will never exert total control over the eventuality of accidents and injuries. Some very zealous students of yours may want to stretch beyond their body capacities thereby putting them at risk of injuries.

Unfortunately, whether the fault is from you as an instructor failing to properly sensitize your students on preventing accidents and injuries or an undoing on the part of your students themselves, you will be required to pay for legal liabilities and cover the cost of medical expenses.

A yoga liability insurance cover will safeguard you from the unfortunate occurrence of accidents and injuries as you teach and instruct yoga. Having one makes you continue your yoga classes being assured that whatever happens you are insured.

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A typical yoga liability insurance protects and covers your yoga business by paying for your student’s medical bills, filed lawsuits, equipment loss, and any other yoga-related risks.