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Welcome to fifth grade science.  I am really looking forward to a productive and fun school year.   

I will teach Science to all of the fifth graders, as well as Health.  It is my hope that all of the students come to class prepared each day.  Missing or late homework will not be accepted.  If your child is absent, then the work must be turned in when they return to school along with an excused note.  All homework will be posted in the class room and on this site.  Each student is expected to copy the assignments into thier agenda/ planners.

Speaking of the planner, please be sure to check it daily and assist your child with making sure thier work is complete.  Lets work together in order to ensure success for your children.  Any questions, please feel free to email me at: 

Sincerely,  Mrs. Payton

August 29, 2009  the first week of school went well.  Unfortunetly many students neglected to return homework.  Receiving a zero for homework will have a negative effect on the overall grade your child gets quarterly.  Please check with your child to see if they have homework.  Once planners arrive, this will be a useful tool for recording assignments and for checking what must be done at home.

Sept. 8, 2009 This is a reminder to send in your emergency contact form.  We really need to know how to reach parents in case of emergency.  Many books are still not covered.  These books were new last year and we would like to keep them as nice as possible.  If there is damage to a book that was not covered a charge will be issued at the end of the year.  Please check agenda books for assignments or messages reagrding missing homework. 

Sept. 22  There is no school for students friday 9/25 and monday 9/28.  Please remember to check your child's planner daily for home work assignments and notes from any teacher. 

Sept. 29, 2009  Remember that no late work is accepted unless the student has an excused absence note the day they return to school.  Any of that work that is not returned promptly will not be accepted.  On 10/3/09 PG Community College is sponsoring a Greenfest form 11 - 4.  Lots of fun is expected.

October 14, 2009  On Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 I assigned a 3D cell project and asked for students to turn it in on Friday 10/9/09.   About 27 students neglected to get the project in and therefore received a zero as their score.  As discussed at Back To School Night, the only time late work is accepted is after an excused absence.  Please continue to check this site and your child's agenda book for assignments and due date


November 9, 2009  This Wednesday 11/11/09 is parent conference day.  Please only come for a meeting if you have an appointment set with the team.  We are currently booked from 8a.m. to 3p.m.  We also have many appointments set for other days after school.  Right now, we will not be able to schedule any other appointments until after Thanksgiving break.    Some of our students are still not consistently turning in home work.  Please check your child's agenda book daily, as well as this web page.  

November 18, 2009  Next Monday 11/23/09, I will send home directions for a Biome project.  This project will be due 12/4/09.  Any projects turned in late will result in a reduction of one letter grade. This assignment will require your child to do some research on a biome of their choice.  They may use reliable sources from the internet or the library.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

December 7, 2009  STEM fair booklets handed out today.  Students are only being given one copy of this, so it is very important that they keep track of it.  Grades will be given for different sections of the book.  STEM fair is mandatory.  

December 17, 2009  We have been working on STEM fair pieces in class and many students are excited about this project.  However, some students have not done anything to get started and have not even brought thier booklets to class.  Not doing this assignment will have a negative impact on the student's Science grade.  Please help your child complete each section as well as the final project.

Jan. 12, 2010  Last week students were asked to watch a weather report and write down what they heard.  They could use the internet, radio or newspaper to also get this information.  I was disappointed by how many students did not do this simple assignment.  I wrote this on the homework chart monday and it was due thursday of last week.  I do not think many people are checking agenda books to make sure homework is completed. :

1/13/10  Please see Health.

1/27/10 This is a reminder that STEM fair is coming soon.  Everyone should already be under way with their investigations.  Waiting til the last minute will have a negative impact on your grades.  Let's keep our focus.

2/1/10  Two parts for the STEM book were due on 1/29/10.  A large number of students did not get this turned in.  Please check your child's booklet to make sure they are keeping up with this assignment.  The results of their investigation willbe due on 2/11/10.

3/4/10  Please continue to complete the STEM projects.  This is a big part of the 3rd quarter grade.  Many students are not getting parts turned in on time and this is having a negative impact on their grade.

3/15/10  All fifth graders will be given a Spring Break Packet.  For completing the Science part, your child will instantly receive a 100% home credit, so please help them get this done and turned in the first day back from break

3/29/10 Students were not given spring break packets due to printing costs.  However, students are encouraged to print them from home and turn them in after spring break for credit.  I have to express my dissappointment at the number of students that did not turn in a STEM project.  We worked on this assignment since mid December and every child knew the due date, as well as my expectations.  I am really hoping to see a change in this lack of homework issue for 4th quarter.  Thank you for your support.  Have a great spring break.

4/12/10 STEM projects should be coming home throughout this week along with the grade sheet.  Please look for this.  With the pollen count so high right now many of our students are suffering with allergies.  We have a large need for tissue donations.  I have depleted my supply from home and now ask for you to send in a box if you are able.  My students and I appreciate it

4/21/10  Last Wednesday, April 14th, we took the chapter 12 test.  I just wanted to congratulate the fifth graders for a job well done.  We had many students score 100% and others increased their score from previous tests.  I am very proud of these improvements.  The students told me that they really studied.  Lets keep up the good work.