Science Homework

Monday August 24, 2009-  Finish any incomplete class work.  Also, write a short paragraph on what you hope to learn in Science this year.

Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009 - Complete the Scavenger Hunt worksheet.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009 - Science Safety Poster

Mon Aug. 31, 2009 Complete Method to my Madness worksheet. Cover all books.

Tuesday Sept. 8, 2009  Make sure all materials are making it to class.  We did Activity book page 29 in class.  Anyone who did not have their book will have to complete it for homework.

Thurs. 9/10/09  complete science worksheet pg. 5A

Tues. 9/15/09 page 18, # 1,  page 21 #1-2  answer questions  due 9/16      Doctor, Doctor worksheet  due9/18/09

9/22/09  Wednesday, chap 1 test.  Students were told last thursday and this was shared at Back to school night.

9/29/09  Tkae journals home and reread notes in order to help get ready for tests.

10/5/09 3-D cell project due 10/9/09.  See guidelines and rubric sent home on 10/2/09.   Chap 2 test on 10/13/09  start preparing now.

10/12/09  Chap 2, study, study!

10/15/09  Complete work sheet pg 13, Circulatory system, due 10/16. 

10/20/09  Read pages 78 & 79.


11/06/09  Test on chapter 4, Thursday Nov. 12.  Study, study, study.

11/9/09  Continue to study for test on Thursday.  


11/18, 2009  Chapter 5 - lessons 1 & 2 quiz on 11/24.  Study vocabulary.  Look for Biome project coming home on 11/23/09.

11/30/09  Home work:  workbook page 47A.  Biome project due friday, December 4th.

12/7/09  pg 159 # 15- 20 Due 12/8/09.  STEM fair booklets given out today.  This is the only copy and your child must have it in od=rder to get grades for various sections.  Please pay very close attention to the timeline and due dates.  This assignment is mandatory for all fifth graders.  Any questions, let me know.


12/15/09  Read pgs. 206 & 207  answer questions 1 -3.  Keep working in STEM booklets.

12/17/09  chapter 7 test on 12/23/09.  Start studying now.  Remember that the Question, prediction and variables are due 12/18/09 for your STEM project


January4, 2010 -  Happy New Year!  Chapter 7 test is this Wednesday Jan. 6

 January 12 - Complete worksheet pg 76A  Keep working on STEM project.  Materials and Procedure due 1/29/10.

Jan. 27, 2010 -  2sections of the STEM book due on 1/29/10,  Materials and Procedures.  

Feb. 1, 2010 - Page 267 # 2 due 2/5/10  This is also an art grade.  Please put pride and effort into it.  Use the internet to look up the ocean floor.  Have fun.  

Feb. 18, 2010 - Please note due date changes for STEM fair projects:  Conclusion due 3/1,  Reasearch, Checklist and Project( on board) all due 3/25.  Any late projects will not be on display or judged.  STEM fair will be held on 4/7.  At theis point most 5th graders should be nearly done.  We have discussed the data collection tool and graphs in class.  Don't forget the Research piece. 

Feb 24, 2010  Complete Fossil Fuels worksheet.  Due 2/25/10.

Mar.2 - Yesterday the conclusion to STEM, pgs 27-29 were due.  A great number of students did not do this and were given an extra day to get it done.  Today, again, many still did not complete these pages.  Notes have been written in Agenda books.  Please check your child's agenda book to see if they received a note.  Since STEM is done mostly at home, everyone has to be aware of the due dates.  Please see the note on 2/18, for the new due dates.

Mar.4, 2010-  Please continue to keep up with the STEM projects which are due March 25th.  Anyone who is finished early may bring in their project.  We will store them in the Lab

Mar. 15 2010 - Answer #1 pg. 355 & #1 & 2 pg 357.  Due 3/16/10.  Don't forget the STEM project

Mar. 18, 2010-  Chap 11 test on Monday 3/22/10.  StEM project due 3/25.  This deadline is firm and has been communicated many times

April 8, 2010 - Chap 12 test on 4/14  start studying now.  STEM projects are slowly being graded and will be sent home as soon as I am able to get to them.  Please have your child bring in his/her text book so I can check the book #.  Each student was assigned a book at the beginning of the year and this is the book they must turn in at the end of the year. 

April 12-  Test on chapter 12 Wednesday April 14.