Brain man, also known as BM, is a prestigious super hero that fights crime and locks away the unthinkable villains that we all hate. He is a part of the Universal Watch Program funded by Thor himself. He lives on the planet of Golan and is known to all of its creatures. They call him by name and even the slightest whisper will attract his attention toward evil. That is his first of many super powers; super hearing. He can pick up a cry for help from more than 6 miles away. Some say he has the smell of a shark but it’s for sound instead of taste. Another amazing power of his is the ability to calculate any problem, stunt or even fight in less than a millisecond. This allows him to basically predict the future of anything he does. It leaves him one step ahead of his arch-nemesis, destroyer of all things good, Super Bad. Nylonite is his only weakness which is only found on Super Bad’s home planet; Nylon. Maybe one of the coolest abilities he has is to be able to cook food with his mind. This helps him to be fueled up on the go and allows his to fight that much faster. He may be well known to his planet but still has a secret identity when he isn’t fighting the dark reaches of evil. His identity outside of his costume is Peter Hunt and he works at Dome Depot in the main metropolis of Golan. When he comes home he sits and looks at the stars wondering when his next adventure will begin.