The Peaseful Communicator

Welcome to the Peaseful Communicator!


As you have often heard, communiation is an art. It is something that is honed and focused over time. Here in the Peaseful Communicator, we will learn how to bring all these skills together so that we can become better communicators, students, and people. 

Important Information-

Under this page, you will find information that is important to know for our class. 

Currently, we are talking about Magnet Schools, so you can find information about their Open Houses (virtual and otherwise) and how to apply for these schools. Please visit that page to find out more information that will impact you!



In this section, you will find infromation about our Methodology of Academic and Personal Success class. This is our second semester class, where we will be talking about how to best use our communication skills, and other skills, to be successful in our academic and personal lives. Please visit to get access to our online book, and other tools. 


We cannot wait to learn with you,
Your teachers: Mrs. Leija & Mr. Reynolds

a.k.a The Council of Aeronheart