About Me

Professional Dispositions Statement Assessment


            As an educator I believe that maintaining a professional disposition is crucial to my success, as well as the success of my students.  I hold true that all students have the ability to learn. A compassionate, positive learning environment will help me meet students’ needs. I will be a lifelong learner so that I can create differentiating lessons and content. I believe in honest communication with students, parents, and other stakeholders. I will maintain a positive attitude, exude optimism for teaching, be a good listener, and have respect for the diversity of my students.

            The professional disposition self-assessment supports my statement by showing that I strongly agree to the professional disposition criteria. I have demonstrated compassion through volunteering after school with the THINK Together program. My assessment reflects how my patience has grown while working with students; treating them with dignity and respect at all times.

            I have grown significantly in my professional disposition during my program of study. During this time I have learned to balance work and school. This is shown by maintaining high marks in all assignments. During observations mentor teachers have consistently commented that I showed great professionalism and would make a fine teacher. I have also realized how my attitude can affect how a student feels that day. By showing compassion and being a good listener I have seen students that did not want to even try give a heart felt effort.

            The Model Code of Ethics for Educators and professional dispositions are invariably linked. The Model Code of Ethics for emphasizes the responsibilities of educators to the profession, students, community, and use of technology. Professional dispositions require teachers be responsible in all of these areas. Being responsible means: “Communicating in a timely and respectful manner that represents the students’ best interests; demonstrating a commitment to equality, equity, and inclusion as well as respecting and accommodating diversity among members of the school community” (NASDTEC, 2015). To improve in these areas I plan on knowing the school’s and district policies and procedures. I will make great efforts to call or meet with parents to establish better relationships and needs. I will arrive to work and all meeting early and on time to build trust.





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