Element 4

Element 4: Teachers communicate effectively with their students.


4.1.1 Communicates clear directions to students about learning goals.

I have…knowledge of making sure that at the start of a lesson or learning activity are clear of what the learning goals and expectations are. These are verbally made clear, but in terms of assessments may be written out as criteria/rubric. 

4.1.2 Demonstrate a range of questioning techniques designed to support student learning.

I have...demonstrated a knowledge in higher order thinking questions, in particular in maths. (evidence) mini-unit of work on volume and capacity. I also have the skill of asking students stimulating open-ended questions during class discussions. (evidence) This can be seen in 2 cooperating teachers report comments.


4.1.3 Listen to students and engage them in classroom discussion.

I have...engaged students in lessons through providing opportunities that give significance and relevance to students.

(evidence) Eating out lessons/unit of work, in which students discussed and completed activities on known fast food resturants such as McDonalds.


4.1.4 Use group structures as appropriate to address teaching and learning goals.

(Evidence) Group strategy for special needs (exposition lesson)

(Evidence) Reflection on grouping strategies (prac. Year 3)


4.1.5 Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning.

(Evidence)  In portfolio, ICT used in lessons. May have been used in earlier elements.


I will…gain more practice with using smartboards and hopefully be able to use one in some of my lessons on the upcoming practicum. The use of a smartboard in my lessons will most definitely engage and foster the interest of my students and therefore support their learning.

I need….to be exposed to a smartboard so that I can incorporate it within my lessons on my next practicum.

I believe…that effective communication is what successful teaching is based upon. I also believe that children can not simply be filled with surface knowledge but have to be exposed to deep knowledge and understanding. Students need to be stimulated and become active agents in the learning process.