Element 5

Element 5: Teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments through the use of classroom management skills.


5.1.1 Demonstrate a variety of strategies to develop rapport with all students.

I have…demonstrated a variety of strategies to develop rapport with all students. For instance, I have taken an interest in students’ lives and achievements. This can be seen through taking the class roll and asking individual students questions about things they have talked about in the classroom. For example, I might say Sarah how did you go in you soccer final on Saturday? This shows students that I care about them and their learning.

I have…the belief not too be-little or embarrass students in front of others. If there was an incident and I had to talk to a student, I would do it after class. This shows that I respect students and care about their social and emotional well-being.

I have…the belief that teachers should remain consistent with their teaching styles as this will gain the respect and create a rapport with students. For example a teacher should always be fair and consistent with all students so that rapport is created.

(Evidence) Plasticine was made with the students before using it in a maths lesson on the concept of ‘conservation.’

(Evidence) Management style of saying what happened? What were you thinking at the time? Getting all sides of the story (in portfolio).



5.1.2 Establish supportive learning environments where students feel safe to risk full participation.

I have…the knowledge that teaching styles should remain consistent.



5.1.3 Establish a climate where learning is valued and students’ ideas are respected.

I have…the knowledge of the following strategies to help establish a climate where students’ ideas are valued. For instance, a timetable may be set up for students to meet with you with any concerns or an anonymity box.


5.1.4 Manage classroom activities smoothly and efficiently.

I have….the belief that expectations of classroom activities will differ for different Key Learning Areas. For example, these expectations for activities outdoors may be different to ones indoors. I have the knowledge that expectations for each activity should be presented to the students before the lesson. This will allow for the smoothly and efficiently running of activities.

I have…the knowledge of strategies, such as writing the daily or weekly schedule on the board so that students know exactly what activities will be taking place and at what time. If students are aware of what activities will follow others they will be more prepared to transition into the next. I also have the knowledge that with younger years, a transitioning game may be useful to play between different learning activities. This is so they will become aware that they will then be moving onto something else, making a clear distinction. It also allows younger students to play and have a mini timeout before moving onto deep learning activities. I further have knowledge in providing students with a time frame for completing different learning activities. Activities therefore run more efficiently as students are aware of how much time they have to complete specific tasks.

I have…the knowledge that a routine is very important in a classroom and for students as it allows for consistency and regularity of expectations.

5.1.5 Manage student behaviour and promote student responsibility for learning.


I have…become aware of and have used a positive reinforcement of good behaviour approach to managing behaviour.

I have…the knowledge that student’s behaviour will be different in certain contexts of school life. For instance, a student will behave differently working independently then compared to working in a group. I also have knowledge that if a certain behaviour is not being met, place that on the board and keep referring to it so the students know what it is you are expecting from them.

I have…the knowledge that the school will have an ethos and discipline policy. These should be transferred into the classroom.


5.1.7 Assure the safety of students.

I have…made myself aware of the safety policies that are set out by the DET. For example, the guidelines for the safe conduct of sport and physical activities in schools. I am aware of such points as;

- Making sure parents are informed about their child leaving school grounds if they were involved in PSSA sport competition.

- Knowing the rules and safety issues for particular sports.

- Being aware of any personal physical requirements of any students.

- Ensuring the use of all required safety equipment.

(Evidence) Risk assessment form.


I will….practice more strategies for managing behaviour on my next practicum, in particular the functional assessment procedure.

I need….to revise functional assessment procedures and work out a way to set this up in the classroom.

I believe….that the way you manage your classroom reflects your philosophy of teaching, that they are not two separate entities. I believe that students should be active learners in the classroom, having a say in its activities. This would then inform my management skills of valuing all students’ opinions and giving them a say in the way the classroom runs and the activities taught. I also believe in Glassers choice theory that states children behave in certain ways to fulfill needs. Behaviour is children’s’ form of communication. Therefore as a teacher I would manage disruptive behaivour by trying to identify the student’s need behind the behaviour then find an alternative behaviour/way so they can still meet that need. This would take the form of a functional assessment process.

For strategies, talk about specific cases.